State of Content is an unrivaled opportunity to connect and collaborate with today’s leading influencers, executives and entrepreneurs in the new establishment of advertising, marketing and technology.

Date: June 13th, 2012

Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

Featured Speakers:

Carisa Bianchi, President of TWBA \ CHIAT \ DAY

Erik Flannigan, Executive Vice President, Digital Media – Viacom Entertainment Group

George Strompolos, CEO & Founder of Fullscreen

Margie Gilmore, VP Disney Online Originals

Event Overview

Content is still king. And if you ever thought it lost its position in the digital world’s royal court, Talk NY presents undeniable proof that it still reigns. Think about the strategies and tools brands use to inform, persuade, and interact with their audiences. Today, content, such as web video, social television, mobile video, blogs and social media, is distributed and viewed through various platforms.

There’s a major push for brands to provide relevant content using easily accessible platforms that audiences trust. Rather than producing and distributing one type of content or using one platform, brands embrace integration. A consumer’s baseline experience with a brand may be content found on a blog, but with an integrated content strategy, consumers may also access content on a brand’s web video channel. Web video content steadily gains popularity among consumers. According to Nielsen, over the last three years the time people spend watching video from their home and work computers has more than doubled. And as the number of mobile device users increases, consumers are watching video on-the-go, whether on vacation, en route to work or school, in between running errands or during business trips.

Explore the Connection Between Content and Consumers

Thought leaders gather to discuss the current state of CONTENT within the ever-evolving digital marketing ecosystem.

The discussion will explore:

●     The ways content and content platforms impact how brands use content to attract, interact, convert and retain consumers

●     Fresh perspectives on the types of content users crave and how to get them to trust your brand to deliver it

●     A look at some content hits and misses of 2011, then uncover new forms of content and upcoming initiatives

●     Digital privacy and protection when distributing through multiple platforms

●     Content monetization, your bottom line and choosing  a model for your business

Who Should Come?

• Digital Marketing Executives (Director level and up on both agency and client sides)
• Tech Executives (Start Ups & Established Companies)
• Entertainment & Media Executives ( Digital Media, Content, Programming & Sales)
• Creatives (Art Directors, Creative Directors, Broadcast Producers, Digital Producers)
• Entrepreneurs ( of all types in the tech, advertising & entertainment sectors)

Connect with a close-knit community of influencers, executives, and entrepreneurs in a welcoming, approachable atmosphere

Discuss and design creative ways to fully capitalize on current trends with the new establishment of technology, marketing, branding and advertising

Tone: Fun, informative, casual, actionable

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