Event Overview

You know that adept digital storytelling is key to successfully creating an immersive and engaging user and viewer experience.

That’s true whether you’re a publisher, tech company or brand. But tech and trends are radically different today than just a year ago. Everything from native advertising to virtual reality to artificial intelligence is changing at the speed of light. Maybe a little faster. How do you keep up?

Connect with colleagues at the cutting edge. ENGAGE is a one-day event that connects you with a carefully selected group of experts, visionaries and leaders to talk about trends in digital storytelling—and what new developments to get ready for. It’s a terrific opportunity to meet people in a setting that’s informal, informative, and inspiring.



Cross-platform storytelling. With first-class content. With a special focus on content creation, we’ll look at innovative ways to fine-tune storytelling across different fields. We’ll examine the role of current and emerging technology. We’ll help you create and drive amazing content for your audience and brand.


You’ll be glad you were here. Reserve now for ENGAGE, and we’ll save your seat for the one conference that digital content creators and client-facing teams shouldn’t miss. It’s an in-depth, updated look at digital storytelling, from virtual reality, artificial intelligence bots, video, to social and creative content–and a networking opportunity you won’t get anywhere else (without stalking our guest speakers).

Confirmed Speakers: 

Winston Binch, Chief Digital Officer, Deutsch North America

Oliver Smith, Managing Director, Unruly

Audrey Wu, Co-Founder, Converg

Todd Richmond, Director of Advanced Prototype Development, USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Ivar Chan, Partner Success at Kik Interactive, Inc.

Julia Sourikoff, Head of VR & 360, Tool

Dan Altmann, Co-Founder & CEO, Naritiv

David Angelo, Chairman/Founder, David & Goliath

Josh Entman, Co-founder and Chief Development Officer, Jukin Media

John Deschner, Chief Innovation Officer, TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles

Ricardo Diaz, Executive Digital Director, Omelet

Sarah Fischer, Head Writer, Imperson

Matt Silverman, Head of Integrated Production, Ignition Creative

Chris Hewish, Head of Studio, Survios

Sheila Marmon, Founder & CEO,  Mirror Digital Inc

Liz Snower, Co-Founder, CONVRG

Jason Schragger, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi LA

Alastair Green, Executive Creative Director, Team One



  • How do you innovate in storytelling?
  • What companies do storytelling well?
  • What are the best campaigns across platforms that have excelled with storytelling?
  • What to do about old ad units that don’t allow storytelling?
  • What’s the best way to tap into new forms of storytelling, like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, mobile and more?
  • Do you tell a story in this new digital ecosystem? When do you know if it is not working?
  • What technologies are the best to employ for great storytelling?
  • How do you harness creativity to move storytelling forward?
  • How do you create immersive experiences and active users?


Event Details:

Venue: Sony Pictures Theatre – Backstage Theatre

Date: February 15, 2017

Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00pm

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