How do you do good better? One word. GUTS.

This year’s Do Good Better conference celebrates the visionaries who are having a huge impact on cause marketing by doing one thing. Taking risks. And (okay, let’s be honest) by sometimes crashing and burning. What??? You’re thinking. Failure is an option? Yes.

Charlie Wilkie
Victoria Summers
Aria Finger
Jo Confino, Executive Editor of the Guardian

You can be risky. If you can be resilient. Risk and resilience. Those two “R” words are the secret of the most successful brands, cities, nonprofits, foundations and change-makers. They take a risky idea, and go with it. But they don’t just hope for the best. If failure looms, they act quickly. They course-correct, change tactics, start again. Net result? Turns out, the big risks carry the big rewards. In this conference, you’ll learn from these resilient risk-takers…

  • How to improve, build on and refine your tactics, to turn them into bigger opportunities
  • How to manage internal conflicts
  • How to win over a critical client, board, or public
  • How to adapt too-safe practices for bigger rewards

Here are just some of the head-scratching questions we’ll do a deeper dive on…

  • How do you challenge and improve the current cause marketing model?
  • What works well and what needs fixing?
  • How can businesses benefit from supporting change—and changemakers benefit from working with business?
  • How do you deepen the connection between business strategy and social responsibility?
  • Consumers believe it’s not enough to just throw money at an issue–how do you make an authentic contribution?
  •  What are the new platforms you should be exploring?
  • How should your creative team be telling your story now?
  • • Are you targeting changing behavior and not just persuading?

Join our day of interactive discussions with the people who are taking cause marketing to extraordinary new levels of success. All you need is a reservation. And guts.

Confirmed Speakers: 

  • Aria Finger, COO of
  • Victoria Summers, SVP of Engagement Strategy and Analytics of Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness
  • Charlie Wilkie, SVP of Guardian Labs US and Guardian News Media
  • Jo Confino, Executive Editor, Huffington Post




Previous Heavy Hitters at DGB.

Colleen Kane
Lee Peters
George Weiner
Christine Montenegro McGrath
Victoria Summers
Rajesh Anandan
Ben Goldhirsh
Nancy Mahon
Eric L. Sawyer
Aria Finger
Howard Lenn
Peter Twyman
Christine Church
Topaz Page-Green
Richard Guest
David Shulman

Previous speakers have included the following:

  • Ben Goldhirsh, Founder of Good/Corps
  • David Shulman, CEO of Organic
  • Peter Twyman, CEO of Keep a Child Alive
  • Topaz Page-Green, Founder and Executive Director of The Lunchbox Fund
  • Richard Guest, President of Tribal Worldwide
  • George Weiner, Founder and CEO of
  • Rajesh Anandan, SVP, Strategic Partnerships and UNICEF Ventures
  • Christine Montenegro McGrath, VP of External Affairs, Mondelēz International
  • Nancy Mahon, SVP of MAC Cosmetics and Global Executive Director of MAC AIDS Fund
  • Eric L. Sawyer, Civil Society Partnership Advisor of New York UNAIDS
  • Christine Church, Director of Marketing at The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Howard Lenn, Group Creative Director of JWT New York
  • Colleen Kane, Development and Communications Director, NAMI-NYC Metro
  • Aria Finger, COO of
  • Lee Peters, SVP, Strategic Marketing, Scholastic




Scholastic Auditorium,

New York, NY

Date: February 24, 2016

Time: 4-8PM Cocktail Reception To Follow

Our advisory board:

  • Jeremy Heimans, CEO and Founder of Purpose
  • David Shulman, CEO of Organic
  • Joel Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, Trout Unlimited

Who Should Attend?

Changemakers Ad agency creatives Marketers Technologists PR pros Storytellers Innovators Planners Social scientists Non-profit leaders REGISTER NOW. Space is limited, so reserve now.

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