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Community Is Getting Its Six Seasons (No Movie Yet)

June 30, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Well, that was close. Sony's offbeat sitcom Community, canceled at the very last minute by NBC, has been renewed at the very last minute (a few hours before contracts with Sony were set to expire, in fact) by Yahoo Screen . Thirteen episodes of the sitcom will air on Yahoo starting in the fall. At the Digital Content NewFronts this year, companies like Yahoo, YouTube and Crackle were voluble about a commitment to premium content; now Yahoo, at least, will be able to say that, like Netflix, it has a sitcom with huge cult appeal (albeit some very low live viewership ) and, unlike Netflix, it's selling ad inventory against that show. Community essentially lived on goodwill and fandom for five years on NBC; after two consecutive half-season orders (during which time the network inexplicably pitted the geeky comedy against the Death Star of geeky comedies, CBS's unbeatable nerdfest The Big Bang Theory), NBC president Bob Greenblatt finally pulled the plug. Showrunner and creator Dan Harmon was initially blas

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‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Cast Talks Crying, Kissing and Improvisation (VIDEO)

May 4, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

The actors had to do a lot of crying in “The Fault in Our Stars,” but apparently, it was John Green, the author of the book on which the film is based, who cried the most on set. The cast revealed that and several other tidbits during a Yahoo press conference Sunday in promotion for... Read more

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Former TV News Stars Are Finding a Second Life Online

March 31, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Far from hearing crickets after streaming into the Internet abyss, former TV news talent are unearthing a flourishing market online. In mid-March, Katie Couric interviewed former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the former CBS Evening News anchor’s first assignment as global news anchor for Yahoo . And Cenk Uygur’s The Young Turks Network last week introduced a 30-minute version of its live YouTube newscast and a weekly entertainment program called Pop Trigger on Hulu and Hulu Plus. It’s the first deal the liberal-leaning outfit inked since being canceled by Current TV after its sale to Al Jazeera last summer . Its new digital home is prime turf for TYT’s 18-34 demo. “Our flagship show is already bigger online,” Uygur said. “Why would I need to go back into the format where I would get less views?” Online news outlets know that longevity and shareability beat breaking news. That can include stretching a viral video into an entire segment. “It’s not just who watches that night—it’s have you created a show or a good segment that people are going to watch over time?” said Jon Housman, CEO of Ora.TV, the home of Larry King Now. An added benefit: It is ridiculously cheap to produce, as Forrester Research vp James McQuivey pointed out. While TV news operations sweat cash sending reporters to Afghanistan, Web news sites can do video chats with interviewees for a fraction of the cost. Their success online doesn’t mean that if given the chance, online news anchors wouldn’t come crawling back to television. Even as he promises to never abandon his online followers, even Uygur isn’t fully closing the book on cable

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You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello

December 31, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

This is the last day of the All Things Digital site, which began life in April of 2007 as a year-round extension of the D conference we launched in 2003. Since then, we have published nearly 40,000 posts and attracted millions of loyal readers. Starting January 2, we’ll have an all-new site and suite of conferences, with a different name and Web address, run as an independent company with great investors and partners. It’s likely you’ll hear a lot about it. But before we go — this will be our last post here, by the way — we want to say we are intensely proud of what we did on this tech and media news and analysis site.

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How Can You Miss Us if We Won’t Go Away? Paczkowski and Swisher Highlights From AllThingsD.

December 30, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

A day late, but here’s the last installment of highlight posts from AllThingsD staffers , as we reach twilight on Dec. 31 and this site is no more. As one of my fave depressing funeral poems goes: “Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep.” Actually, I don’t sleep, since I am a blogger and, as you all must realize by now, a sparkly vampire, too. Thus, like the undead, we’ll be reanimated in another form and with a new name right quick. And, not to worry, the archives of what we have written since mid-2007 will also forever remain as definitive proof that we existed, thanks to the hard workers at the NSA in its ongoing quest to suck every digital scrap it can find! But before The Wall Street Journal redirects this site’s URL to its own tech coverage, here are some stories by John Paczkowski, the very first editorial hire Walt Mossberg and I made here, as well as some choice bits by me over the years (Yahoo, Yahoo and, well , mebbe some Yahoo, too!). JOHN PACZKOWSKI 1. Who Will Buy Palm? If Not HTC, How About HP? Key lines: “With handheld sales that fell by more than half year-over-year in its first quarter, HP is surely looking for a way to revive them and capture a larger portion of the important mobile market. Acquiring Palm could be a good way to do it.” 2. Google and the Evolution of Search I: Human Evaluators Key lines: “Google had finally acknowledged that its search results were no longer solely and automatically determined by the company’s vaunted algorithms. Now they simply “relied heavily” on them.

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Ryan Seacrest Likes to Watch Food Network

December 20, 2013  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Specs Who Ryan Seacrest Age 38 Accomplishments Head of Ryan Seacrest Productions (Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Shahs of Sunset); host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest on ABC; host of Fox’s American Idol ; host for Clear Channel’s KIIS-FM; spokesman, live events and on-air host for iHeartRadio Base Los Angeles What’s the first information you consume in the morning? News headlines of the day, and I also review my schedule. You just sold your first kids’ show to Nickelodeon. Were you a TV baby? I was a huge radio fan growing up, and I’d listen to countless hours of radio on my Walkman. But yes, I was a TV watcher, too. I loved game shows. Magnum, P.I. and Love Boat were favorites in our house, too.

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Former Yahoo and Zynga Exec Named President and COO of Audax Health

December 19, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

David Ko, who joined the board of Audax Health in September, has been named president and COO of the Washington, D.C.-based digital health development company. He’ll be based in the company’s San Francisco office. Before Audax, Ko was COO at gaming company Zynga and he also spent a decade at Yahoo in various senior roles.

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Even as Stock Soars, a Not-So-Glamourous Magazine Close-Up of Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer

December 5, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

The many splashy photos of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer are there, as are the complimentary pull-quotes (“She’s … single-handedly transformed the culture and made people proud to work [at Yahoo].) Indeed, just yesterday, the stock of the company closed at a high it has not seen since 2006, above $38 a share. But share price — goosed by Yahoo’s stake in China’s Alibaba Group and faith in Mayer — is not the main focus of profile of Silicon Valley’s most high-profile CEO of the moment, which has is featured in this month’s Vanity Fair magazine and on its Web site. And it is not quite the gush-fest that Mayer — who started her career at search giant Google — usually gets. “As one of Google’s highest-ranking women, Marissa Mayer became a Silicon Valley superstar, but inside the search giant her dazzle sometimes wore thin, with colleagues rebelling against her imperious style,” notes the piece by well-regarded business writer Bethany McLean. While some will call it a hatchet job, made worse because it’s about a prominent woman, it’s not that by any means, and echoes issues raised by Nicholas Carlson’s recent long profile of her , which is set to become a book. McLean is careful to point out Mayer’s many laudable attributes — she’s wickedly smart, driven, creative, persistent. But it also presents a much more nuanced and, to my mind, truthful picture of a complex personality that often gets glossed over

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Filling Out Its Executive Team, Airbnb Hires Operations and HR Heads

December 5, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

Airbnb has hired Varsha Rao as head of global operations and Mark Levy as head of employee experience. Both started this week. In regular company terms, they are effectively the peer-to-peer travel company’s COO and head of HR. Varsha Rao and Mark Levy Rao previously led operations at LivingSocial and was CEO of Singtel Digital Media in Singapore. Levy was chief talent officer at the creative agency Landor, and before that was in HR at Best Buy, Levi’s and GAP. In an emailed statement, Airbnb said Rao would lead customer experience, trust and safety, as well as local operations. Levy, meanwhile, will head up talent, leadership and development and employee experience

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Bitcoin, Schmitcoin — Tech Stocks Also on a Frothy Run

November 29, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

While the stock market was only open a half-day today, it was still a solid one for Internet stocks as the market enters its final month of 2013. Most showed gains yesterday, with Apple, Amazon and Twitter all up almost two percent. But that does not tell the story of how well shares of tech companies have been doing throughout the year — most are up significantly, seeing big jumps. For the year-to-date, most well-known issues are up, including: LinkedIn, up more that 95 percent; Facebook, up over 76.5 percent; Yahoo, up 83 percent; Amazon, up 57 percent; Google, up close to 50 percent; and even perpetually stagnant Microsoft, up close to 43 percent. Apple lagged, up only 4.5 percent, and Twitter remains below its November IPO price, down 7.4 percent. Even suffering Groupon and Zynga did well, up more than 86 percent and 84 percent respectively. The past three months have not been as strong, though, with Amazon leading the pack with a 38.6 percent rise. It was followed by Yahoo, up 35.3 percent; Google, up close to 34 percent; Facebook and Microsoft, up close to 14 percent; and Apple, up just over 13 percent. LinkedIn declined just over seven percent in the period, not a surprise, given its spectacular rise since it went public in mid-2011. What the rest of the year and 2014 will bring is anyone’s guess, of course, but there are expected to be a spate of IPOs in the first half of the new year, most notably China’s Alibaba Group, whose stellar performance should continue to boost Yahoo’s stock.

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