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Discovery Is Fast-Tracking Its Own Spin on Serial

January 9, 2015  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

With the runaway success of WBEZ Chicago's true crime podcast Serial,

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Tops Pre-Christmas Home Video Sales Charts

December 18, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and Walt Disney Studios snatched the top spot on the national home video sales charts for the week ending Dec. 14 with “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the year’s biggest box office hit. “Guardians,” which earned $332.5 million in U.S. theaters, easily debuted at No. 1 on both the Nielsen VideoScan... Read more

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‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Takes Over Home Video Sales Charts

December 11, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

As the holiday shopping season draws to a close, a handful of hot summer theatricals are trickling into stores during December in an attempt by the studios to capitalize on last-minute gift and impulse buyers. For 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, the strategy paid off. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” debuted at No.... Read more

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Newly Released FCC Documents Show Just How Frustrated Comcast Is With Netflix

December 3, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Comcast is tired of Netflix, that's for sure. The cable giant had to answer a number of difficult questions from the Federal Communications Commission last week after Netflix objected in the strongest possible terms to a pending merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. The cable giant's answers are now redacted and available for all to see . And one of the most talked-about entities is Netflix: Its name comes up some 179 times over the course of the document, including in the footnotes. It's a complicated case , but Netflix's objections come down to this: Comcast and Time Warner should not be allowed to turn the Web into cable TV. " Unsurprisingly, given their dominance in the cable television marketplace," Netflix representatives stated in

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Xbox Documentary on Atari’s Lost ‘E.T.’ Games Debuts for Free

November 20, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

Microsoft has released its documentary “Atari: Game Over” for free through its Xbox Video store. The hour-long film chronicles the rise and fall of Atari by literally uncovering the truth of what happened to millions of unsold “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” videogame cartridges in 1983. Around 792,000 of the Atari 2600 cartridges were discovered buried in... Read more

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Viacom’s Downturns Have Gotten So Predictable They’re an Easy Buck for Investors

November 10, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

As usual, Viacom is doomed. People have been preaching the End of Days for the company since Tom Freston left and was replaced by Philippe Dauman in 2006, and yet it still trundles along, making quite a bit of money despite myriad objections to its programming decisions, its executive appointments and its advertising strategy (Spike, at one point, was airing a 38-minute hour). Union: Manny Hernandez/Getty Images; Minaj: Jason Laveris/Filmmagic Not only does none of this matter, but the conventional wisdom presents an incredible opportunity for investors, according to Michael Nathanson of r esearch firm MoffettNathanson. "For the third time in less than seven years, Viacom is again beset by collapsing ratings ... negative advertising ... and a free fall in its relative valuation," Nathanson wrote in a report. "Historically, this sequence of events has given contrarian and patient investors a ‘fat-pitch’ way to make money." None of this is to say that Viacom (or, indeed, cable TV) is doing well—PUT levels fell dramatically in the third quarter of this year, both across the board and particularly seriously at Viacom’s networks, with demo declines, too, at MTV (which is off by a full 25 percent) and Nick (off by 20). Those two are the company’s bread and butter, and they’ve tended to rely disproportionately on individual franchises. In Nick’s case, it simply had an amazing third quarter last year—the network ranked No. 1 not just in the demo but in total viewers—and in MTV’s case, it was the Teen Mom franchise that tanked. (The network went through much the same thing when Jersey Shore got canceled.) All of this makes the network appear volatile. But the truth is that it manages to pull in disproportionate numbers of viewers in a demo that is fast abandoning television with buzzy series; the model looks more like a win-some-lose-some film studio strategy than a television network, especially with the largely unsung Comedy Central (which recently had three consecutive quarters of monster growth—33.8 percent up in Q3 of last year alone). This week’s earnings report from the company should prove interesting. Dauman had to field questions about the weak ad market last quarter; this time he’s pretty much certain to get grief about low ratings. But Nathanson observes that Viacom isn’t merely experiencing speed bumps like PUT and ad revenue declines—it’s at the vanguard of an industry that is going to have to cope with those problems en masse. Viacom is also fighting with small cable operators, who are simply dropping its package in an effort to keep costs down as carriage agreement renewals rear their heads, but you can bet the company’s strategies on this front are being analyzed carefully by all of its competitors. AMC Networks, A+E Networks and Scripps are all in a similar boat. Either Viacom will figure out an effective strategy or it will consolidate until it’s part of an entity big enough to get its way

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For Gotham’s Ben McKenzie, No Gadget Beats a Good Traffic App Or a Nice Scotch

November 10, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Specs Who

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AFM: Filmax Intl. Boards Antonio Chavarrías’ ‘The Chosen’ (EXCLUSIVE)

November 3, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

On the eve of the American Film Market, Filmax International has boarded English-language “The Chosen,” from Antonio Chavarrias (“Dictation,” “Celia’s Lives), which is set up at Chavarrias’ Barcelona-sited Oberon Cinematografica and Monica Lozano’s Mexico City-based Alebrije Cine y Video, the producer of “Instructions Not Included.” Set in 1940s Mexico, and one of the high-profile projects... Read more

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Moving at the Speed of the Screen

October 27, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Marketers have long recognized the incredible power of video to sell a product, brand or service. Yet at an ever-increasing pace, consumers are shifting away from the No. 1 vehicle that connected video advertising to the public: television. Illustration: Gonçalo Viana Today's plethora of screens, devices and platforms has created huge choice, audience fragments, binge viewing, d

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Watch: Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick Sing in ‘Into the Woods’ Featurette

October 25, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

Disney has released an extended featurette for “Into the Woods” that not only offers a new look at the iconic characters, but a sneak preview of the iconic music. Meryl Streep’s Witch and Anna Kendrick’s Cinderella sing in the video, which also includes interviews with director Rob Marshall and stars Streep, Johnny Depp, who plays... Read more

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