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Box Office Mojo Returns After One-Day Absence

October 12, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

Without explanation, the Box Office Mojo site has returned following an absence of slightly more than a day. The site vanished on Friday afternoon with the site redirecting users to parent’s IMDb. It returned early Saturday evening but without any explanation on IMDB, Box Office Mojo or on Box Office Mojo’s official Twitter and... Read more

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Noisy Chiefs Fans Top Nielsen’s TV Twitter Ratings

October 8, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

The Kansas City Chiefs’ sacking of the New England Patriots on Monday night football last week came up trumps for ESPN on the Nielsen Twitter ratings. The Chiefs dominated the Patriots on both sides of the ball and racked up 779,000 tweets, reaching 6.88 million twitter accounts on the way to a 41-14 win. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a mediocre night, completing 14 of 23 passes for 159 yards. At 37 years old, Brady’s poor performance led to speculation that his best days are behind him and his weak offensive line had its share of armchair critics. Chief fans, however, were more interested in commenting on Twitter about the noise level at Arrowhead Stadium, which won back its title as the country’s loudest outdoor venue when the noise reached 142.2 decibels during the game. Great job #ChiefsKingdom for once again making Arrowhead the loudest stadium in the world! Awesome to be a part of that and getting the win! — Cairo Santos (@cairosantos19) Sept. 30, 2014 Arrowhead Stadium was historically loud during the #Chiefs victory over the #Patriots . WATCH: — Kansas City Chiefs (@KCChiefs) Sept. 30, 2014 142.2!! #ChiefsKingdom showed up tonight…worlds loudest stadium…right here in KC where it belongs! — Chase Daniel (@ChaseDaniel) Sept. 30, 2014 The Patriots claimed the No. 2 spot on the Nielsen Twitter ratings when the team reversed its Kansas City misfortunes and thrashed the Cincinnati Bengals 43-17 on NBC. The Pats were happy to be home, their defense shined and Brady surpassed 50,000 yards in career passing to earn the game ball and praise on Twitter. 50,000 yards?

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Reading Rainbow Host LeVar Burton Binge-Watched Game of Thrones Before He Read the Books

October 6, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Specs Who LeVar Burton Age 57 Claim to fame Emmy-winning actor (Roots, Star Trek: The Next Generation); host and producer of Reading Rainbow ; author of the children’s book The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm (available Oct. 7) Base Los Angeles Twitter @levarburton What’s the first information you consume in the morning? My email, followed by my Twitter feed, followed by the Today show. Twitter is where I get the majority of my news. What other social platforms are you on? I have a Facebook account which enables me to keep up with friends and family, but I’m much more of a voyeur there. I don’t do a whole lot of posting. It really just gives me an opportunity to stay current with what the family’s doing. I was an early adopter on Twitter, and it’s like a relationship. You have to invest in it, you know

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NFL Tops Jeter’s Last Game in Twitter TV Ratings

September 30, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

NBC’s Sunday Night Football contest between the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys came out on top of Nielsen’s TV Twitter ratings for sports programs this past week. The game was dominated by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who threw three touchdowns despite coming off back surgery. Running back DeMarco Murray also contributed to the balanced attack with another 100-yard game, which the Cowboys won 38-17. The game attracted almost a million tweets, which reached a unique audience of 6.2 million Twitter accounts. The victory was summed up by this tweet: In case you wondered what 3-1 feels like, THIS... — Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) Sept. 29, 2014 Romo also praised his team’s running game. Romo: "We're going to be tough to deal with because of our ability to run the football." #NOvsDAL — Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) Sept. 29, 2014 TBS came in second with its broadcast of the Yankees-Red Sox game, which featured Derek Jeter’s final base hit before his retirement. The game produced 304,000 tweets to a unique audience of around 6 million Twitter accounts. The tweets said it all about Jeter’s stellar career in pinstripes. Derek Jeter had an outstanding career. He left it ALL on the field: #FarewellCaptain — New York Yankees (@Yankees) Sept. 29, 2014 They also featured a lighting tribute from the Empire State Building.

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Shonda Rhimes Smashes It in TV Twitter Ratings

September 30, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Shonda Rhimes is on a roll in Nielsen’s TV Twitter ratings. The producer and screenwriter’s steamy Scandal, set in Washington D.C., generated the most Twitter traffic last week. It inspired 718,000 discrete tweets reaching 4.16 million Twitter accounts, numbers that smashed the competition. The Season 4 premiere episode on ABC featured commentary about Olivia’s Zanzabarian trysts, changes in hair style and some body language observations from Twitter fans of the series. Omg when Olivia and Fitz walked right past each other I got chills all through my body!! Ahhhh #catchingup #scandal — C•dee•C (@EyezLouisVBrown) Sept. 29, 2014 And there was some wry political commentary. Turns out "The Dog ate Obamas intelligence briefings" #Scandal — toni smith (@palmaceiahome1) Sept. 29, 2014 Rhimes’ Thursday night winning streak also featured a TV ratings win with the debut of her latest show, How to Get Away With Murder, a legal drama that pulled in 14 million viewers among adults. The show stars Viola Davis as a take-no-prisoners defense attorney. NBC’s The Voice came in a distant second in Nielsen’s TV Twitter ratings.

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Super Bowl Rematch Tops Nielsen TV Twitter Sports Broadcasts

September 24, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

The Super Bowl rematch between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos put CBS Sports on top of Nielsen's TV Twitter ratings in the sports broadcast category last week. But unlike the lopsided NFL championship game, which saw the Hawks steamroll the Broncos, this week's contest was a corker. The Hawks came out on top in a nail-biting overtime win, which did wonders for CBS, giving the network four out of 10 of its football contests in the top 10 Twitter response ratings. The Hawks-Broncos clash lit up the sports Twittersphere with 663,000 unique tweets reaching an audience of 7.2 million Twitter users. Most of the tweets centered on the see-saw battle that saw Denver QB Peyton Manning engineer a last-minute drive that tied the game and forced it into overtime. But the Broncos came up short, 26-20. One viewer had a religious experience. Dear Football gods, Thank you for this Broncos-Seahawks game. — CBS Sports (@CBSSports) Sept. 21, 2014 Another had a "take that" take. The @DenverBroncos give Seattle a taste of their own medicine. Safety. — CBS Sports (@CBSSports) Sept. 21, 2014 And there was this tweet playing on the Broncos' home town. BREAKING: the Broncos are being renamed the Enver Broncos due to the lack of D. #NFL #DENvSEA — Richard David Jordan (@richarddjordan) Sept.

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The Voice Inks Three-Season Sponsorship With Nissan

September 18, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

When NBC’s The Voice comes back on air Monday with new celebrity judges Pharrell Williams

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ISIS’s Sinister Media Strategy, and How the West Is Fighting Back

September 10, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Here's an ugly truth: ISIS has a really effective brand strategy. Al Qaeda terrorists had a manifesto that claimed to represent the common man (the name means "The Base") and some grainy, boring video, but ISIS is going after the supervillain look as hard as it can. It's got a scary acronym (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also referred to as ISIL and the less Twitter-friendly IS), a huge online presence, and—not kidding—flashy "annual reports" since 2012. The people attracted to the organization vary across metrics like cultural background, age and sex. Granted, the data is all anecdotal so far, but a pair of French girls were detained on suspicion of planning to join the group; a 19-year-old Colorado woman was arrested trying to board a flight to Turkey to meet her jihadist boyfriend; and NBC Nightly News scored an interview with a North Carolina man who'd been detained in Turkey and prevented from entering Syria.

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MSNBC Aired More Initial Coverage of Ferguson Turmoil Than Fox News, CNN: Study

August 22, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

NBCUniversal’s MSNBC cable outlet spent more time covering the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., than rivals CNN or Fox News Channel in the first week the story broke, according to a new study. In the six days after Brown’s Aug. 9 death, Fox News devoted about half the airtime that... Read more

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Islamic State Militants Exploit Digital Services to Disseminate Video of Apparent Murder

August 19, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

The group calling itself Islamic State (ISIS) did something truly abominable by any humane standard today: They posted onto several Internet video services footage of a masked, black-robed man appearing to kill James Foley, a young freelance reporter who had moved to Syria to cover the unrest there and was abducted in 2012 from Aleppo. The video itself is about two minutes of President Obama discussing foreign policy with Arabic subtitles, then a forced speech by the captive Foley, the apparent murder, and some meandering threats of "bloodshed" by the murderer. I'm not going to post any links to the video here, so you can relax. Twitter was quick to respond to the breaking story, but unfortunately, much of the immediate reaction was simply reposts and screencaps of the video's most horrible sections and then immediate outrage. YouTube took action after a little while and removed the original post, but ISIS is exploiting a particular hole in the video ecosphere that has plagued law enforcement for a while: Anything that's disgusting or titillating enough gets posted, reposted and re-reposted with new tricks every few weeks to fool YouTube's automatic censors. For example, a few years ago, for a brief period, you could find any episode of a television show you wanted because uploaders had reversed the screen image; Marge vs. the Monorail was just as good flipped left to right, so for a while, illegal uploads flourished. Then YouTube got wise, and this trick no longer works. Recently, there's been a spate of video uploads that are simply a camerman filming a screen playing copyrighted content—that, too, is hard to flag, unless it's by hand, and YouTube says it deals with an average of 100 hours of new content per minute. With video content like the ISIS footage, the problem becomes even more complex, because users can upload and post information that is playing in a screencap, or is cropped or subtitled differently from the original post. Journo backlash to the post was swift—Foley was well-liked and his friends, colleagues and acquaintances were quick to push handout photos of him available at his family's website, which replaced his blog while he was missing. The site, , seems to have been overloaded by traffic at this writing. More frighteningly, ISIS sympathizers tweeted bloody frames from the video at working journalists. Their accounts were quickly suspended, but their message was very clear. Indeed, plenty of accounts are still live with ISIS handles. Most journos responded with cutting remarks, but many said they were shaken by the experience. . @gladiatory48 thanks for my daily reminder that evil exists — Anthony B. L. Smith (@AnthonyBLSmith) August 19, 2014 And some services simply don't discriminate: LiveLeak has kept the video up and indeed, does a brisk business in gory images (another popular video on the site at the moment: Man Was Still Alive After He Was Hit by Train).

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