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‘Carrie’ Promotional Video Punks Coffee Shop Customers

October 8, 2013  |  Variety  |  No Comments

“There are other people out there like me … .” For unsuspecting customers at a local coffee shop, those words uttered by Stephen King’s telekinetic teen Carrie became all-too real — and judging by some reactions, it was an unwelcome discovery. But not to worry. The video was a prank made to promote Sony-Screen Gems’... Read more

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Newspaper Challenge

October 2, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

I knew the quality of the people would be very high. The business challenges in the newspaper industry have nothing to do with the quality of the people. These are big industry-wide trends. – Jeff Bezos , talking about the Washington Post sale on “Good Morning America” last week

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Ad Agencies Flock to MIPCOM In Search of Branded Content

September 30, 2013  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Jeffrey Schlesinger, president of Warner Bros. Worldwide Television, first noticed the changing vibe at MIPCOM a few years back. The global programming bazaar held every fall in Cannes, France, had for decades attracted many of the same distributors and content producers—an ocean away from the business-as-usual domestic TV business. But the same tectonic changes in technology and media that disrupted domestic TV have since spilled onto the beaches of the French Riviera, opening all sorts of global business opportunities for the old guard.

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Facebook Tweaks News Feed Algorithm to Show More Relevant Ads

September 27, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

Facebook on Friday announced a slight change to its News Feed algorithm that aims to give greater weight to user feedback on undesirable ads. From now on, Facebook will try to show more relevant advertisements to users inside the News Feed, which may mean fewer ads delivered. Facebook’s goal for marketers, the company said, is to deliver the right ads to the people who want to see them the most, even if it means fewer ads delivered overall.

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Former BlackBerry Co-CEO Lazaridis Has Talked With PE Firms About Bid for Company

September 22, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

Former BlackBerry Ltd. co-Chief Executive Officer Mike Lazaridis has been talking with private-equity firms about possibly mounting a joint bid for the struggling smartphone maker, whose troubles came into even sharper relief Friday, according to people familiar with the matter. Firms Mr. Lazaridis reached out to include Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group, some of the people said. Read the rest of this post on the original site »

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Klout Quietly Launches Cinch, a Companion Q&A App

September 20, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

Klout really wants to make you care about your online influence. That’s in part why the company has, with little fanfare, pushed out Cinch , an iOS application that pairs questions asked by users with other “experts” on certain topics, based on their amount of knowledge of the area in question. The idea is basically leveraging the value of Klout’s flagship product, which purports to rank people in terms their influence in certain areas. I, for instance, tweet a whole bunch about Facebook and Twitter as companies, so it would make sense for a product like Cinch to pair a person’s Facebook-related questions with my answers. I can’t tell you how well Klout’s pairing abilities are, because I haven’t seen it done yet. But in The Next Web’s initial testing it seems to work well enough. The whole point, it seems, is to prove to consumers that, yes, Klout does indeed have a consumer value outside of know how “cool” you are online. As I’ve long argued, Klout’s justification as a business intelligence service seems like an easy argument; if a brand can identify the people who matter that tweet and share about a product, that brand will be able to monitor and ultimately court these high-profile users. I’m not sure how well this whole Cinch thing will go, and it seems to still be in an early testing phase, just as Klout’s “Experts” program was when it launched in a limited capacity in May. I’ll be keeping an eye on it for a wider release.

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CrowdStrike Lands $30 Million Series B Led by Accel Partners

September 9, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

iStockphoto | dny59 In recent weeks or months, you may have heard the following saying: “There are only two kinds of companies; Those that have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they’ve been hacked.” I’m told that the phrase originated at CrowdStrike, a computer-security firm based in Irvine, Calif. Today, that firm announced that it has raised a $30 million Series B round of venture capital funding led by Accel Partners, with its founding investor, the private equity firm Warburg Pincus, also participating. Accel partner Sameer Gandhi is joining CrowdStrike’s board of directors. Security is obviously a big topic these days, given all the hacking that’s been going on lately, whether it’s attacks on the New York Times by Syrian hackers bent on spreading propaganda, or theft of intellectual property by China’s People’s Liberation Army . iIf you’re running a company of any size, security has to be huge operational consideration. Crowdstrike runs a cloud-based platform that uses advanced analytics and machine learning to analyze attacks in real time as they happen, and to determine who’s carrying out the attack. This problem of attribution is always a huge problem in computer-security circles. Once you know you’ve been attacked, you want to know who did it. Usually, you can find this out after the fact. It’s a little trickier to figure it out while the attack is still going on. “We’ve built a platform that can identity the kind of attack that is being used, but we can also determine who’s behind it and what their motivation is,” says George Kurtz, CEO and co-founder. The firm uses a big data and analytics platform to keep track of hacking groups around the world, and Kurtz says it can usually figure out who’s behind an attack, and shut it down. Security has become a big focus at Accel, and it coincides with its efforts around big data . Its security-related investments include mobile security firm Lookout , Imperva and Tenable Security. “It’s rare that a couple days go by and you don’t see an article about a major computer-security breach somewhere,” says Accel’s Gandi. “The nature and sophistication of the actual attacks has escalated dramatically, and so have the sources. We’ve gone beyond the days when it was splinter groups

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BlackBerry Pushes for Speedy Sale Process

September 4, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

BlackBerry Ltd., the beleaguered smartphone maker that has put itself up for sale, is aiming to run a fast auction process that could be wrapped up by November, according to people familiar with the matter. BlackBerry announced in August that it had formed a special committee of board members to “explore strategic alternatives.” Since then, the company has held preliminary talks with parties interested in buying part or all of the company, one of the people said. It has narrowed its list of potential bidders to seek out in a sales process expected to begin soon, this person said. Read the rest of this post on the original site »

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Jeff Bezos Reveals He Doesn’t Have a Plan to Save the Washington Post

September 3, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

Asa Mathat / Just because Jeff Bezos is going to own the press doesn’t mean he’s changed his approach to the press. When he speaks to journalists, he says nothing. The Washington Post has the first interview with the new owner-t0-be of the Washington Post today. If you’re expecting Bezos to reveal anything about his plans for the paper, then you’ve never sat through an Amazon earnings call, or listened to a Jeff Bezos interview. The gist: Like he said before, he won’t be running the paper day-to-day. And, like he does with Amazon, Bezos plans to manage the paper for the long haul. But when Bezos won’t tell you how many Kindles he’s sold, he’s not saying anything because he doesn’t want to clue you into his plan. The key question for Post, and its readers (and employees): Does he have a plan this time? If you take him at face value, he doesn’t. He’s going to take time — “years” — to experiment, and the only thing he knows is that it’s important for readers to get value out of reading the paper. It would be easy enough to dismiss that non-talk as cover for whatever Bezos really is planning for the paper.

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HTC Developing Smartphone Operating System

August 28, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

HTC Corp. is developing a mobile software system specifically for Chinese consumers, people familiar with the project say, as part of a big China bet that the Taiwanese smartphone maker hopes will help revive sliding sales. Development of the smartphone operating system is being closely monitored by HTC’s Chairwoman Cher Wang, who has been in discussions with Chinese government officials, said the people. The software involves deep integration with Chinese apps like the Twitter-like microblog Weibo and is slated to launch before the end of the year, they said. Read the rest of this post on the original site »

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