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CBS’s New Fall Shows, Ranked from Best to Worst

September 18, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Today in our week-long roundup of new shows on broadcast, we're looking at CBS, the place to go for young people committing crimes. There are networks that, faced with changing times and a media landscape diversifying both by viewer type and by medium, radically change their programming approach in an effort to stake out new territory before their competitors are inevitably pushed into it. CBS is not one of those networks. It's the most conservative in its programming strategy, and with good reason: Stalwarts like The Big Bang Theory, the NCIS and CSI franchises, and The Good Wife provided several consecutive years of growth, and Big Bang in particular tops the charts year after year. More than any other network, CBS unapologetically does capital-T Television along classic lines: one-and-done mysteries, sitcoms with laugh tracks, and dramas about politics. Oddly, CBS chose to save for midseason its best-written and -acted series, buddy cop dramedy Battle Creek, but don't worry, there are no fewer than three cop shows in the five full-season series CBS will premiere in the next few weeks. Of the networks we're looking at, CBS is the most drama-heavy: four of the five are hour-long, big-budget, slick-looking series, and while nothing here is wildly innovative, you can kick the tires on any one of these guys and the muffler won't fall off the back of the car. As with my roundups of ABC and Fox , I'm only able to review the screeners provided by the network, and those are the pilots. Series frequently evolve pretty radically, but when you're writing about the ad industry like we are, those first episodes are vitally important, because there's enough on the dial that if a viewer doesn't like episode one, there's no reason for him or her to come back for episode two.

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Dish Adds Food Network, HGTV and Other Scripps Cable Nets to Internet TV Lineup

September 16, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

Dish Network is another step closer to launching a cheaper over-the-top TV service, obtaining rights to deliver live and on-demand content from Scripps Networks Interactive’s suite of cablers including Food Network, HGTV and DIY Network. The No. 2 satcaster has cut similar pacts with Disney/ESPN and A+E Networks, and has said it plans to bow an OTT service by... Read more

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ABC’s New Fall Shows, From Best to Worst

September 16, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Between now and Friday, we'll

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Simulmedia’s New CMO Sees the Future of TV

September 8, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Specs Who

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The Emmys Are Basically Fantasy Football for Network Executives

August 26, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

The Emmy Awards are a game. That doesn't mean they're worthless, or meaningless, or cynical; it just means that there is high-level strategy around who gets what award and why, beyond simply who turned in the best performance. And this year in particular, we were able to see that game being played a lot more baldly than it has been in years past. So let's take a look at said strategy, shall we? One of the reasons cable TV shows split "final" seasons into two parts is so that they'll cross years and potentially end up sweeping more than one awards season. Breaking Bad did this perfectly last night—it's difficult to argue that they didn't deserve it. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Vince Gilligan and the rest of the honorees worked on a show that is already being talked about in the same breath as The Wire and Homicide. How It's Done HBO pioneered more than daring cable content. It originated the nomination-gaming strategy, raising eyebrows and earning the consternation of broadcasters when they pulled off an unprecedented 16 nominations in 1999, including several for their brand new series, The Sopranos. It was the first time the cable world had ever landed even a single Emmy nod. This year, they got the most nominations of any network (as they have in an unbroken streak

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TV Gets Undressed

August 24, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

To say that this wedding is unconventional doesn’t quite capture the essence of the nuptials of reality show contestants Ashley and Alika. First off, the bride and groom met with the TV cameras rolling and decided to get hitched after just three months. Six other couples who are attending the wedding fell for each other under the same televised circumstances. A shaman presides over the ceremony, with backup from a chanting yogi and drum circle. Nowhere in sight can one find the usual trappings—no flower girl, no ring bearer, no tulle or tuxedos. Boutonnieres are also in short supply—though bug spray could come in handy. Some of the invited guests are more anxious than even the happy couple—who, even if they don’t get cold feet, may well experience sunburn. For you see, everybody here—the bride and groom, wedding party and guests—is butt naked. Even if you haven’t been tuning into VH1’s summer hit Dating Naked —which has attracted more than 1 million viewers per episode and plenty of social buzz to boot—you might want to cue the DVR for television’s first all-nude wedding, airing Sept. 18 at 9 p.m. To be sure, it’ll be a spectacle not to be missed. For the Viacom-owned basic cable channel, it was a no-brainer to film the union and televise it as an hour-long special, extending the series’ 10-episode run with what are likely to be big ratings.

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The Parents Television Council Is Already Upset About What Nicki Minaj Will Do on Sunday

August 20, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Really, you wonder if the Parents Television Council is secretly letting MTV write their press releases. Nicki Minaj's butt-heavy video for her new single Anaconda (why, yes, it does sample Sir Mix-A-Lot) dropped today, and the hip-hop artist's outfits and dance moves already have the PTC outraged about the VMAs, despite the fact that the broadcast is several days away. "Given the explicit video," said a statement from the group, which included a helpful link to a site hosting the video, "the Parents Television Council said that if her performance at the VMAs is anything like her new video, then the show must be rated TV-MA." The VMAs will probably be rated TV-14, as usual. MTV had no comment. The rating of the VMAs is a particular bee in the PTC's collective bonnet this year: earlier this week Tim Winter issued a statement demanding that MTV "commit publicly" to a statement authored by the PTC saying they wouldn't show "explicit sexual content," apparently as defined in relationship to Miley Cyrus's much-discussed twerking performance last year, in addition to agreeing not to violate its own standards, as the PTC claims it did in '13. So why is the PTC getting bent out of shape over this? Well, partly because the organization has logged something of a precipitous decline in donations over the last few years (the most recent form 990 available has the organization bringing in $2.7 million in total for the year 2012, with a little more than $2.5 million coming from donations. As recently as 2008, the organization was seeing

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Sharlto Copley and Michelle Forbes Will Star in PlayStation’s Powers

August 18, 2014  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

Sharlto Copley will star as the lead in Powers, Sony PlayStation Network’s first foray into original programming. Copley , of District 9 and recent box office grand slam Maleficent, joins the lineup of stars in the drama adapted from a Marvel comic book series. FX had been trying to develop the series since 2011. Michelle Forbes of The Killing and Susan Heyward of The Following play other key roles in the crime series, which follows detectives assigned to investigate murder cases involving people with superpowers. The cast also includes Eddie Izzard , Noah Taylor, Susan Heyward, Olesya Rulin, Max Fowler and Adam Godley. Hannibal’s David Slade will direct the first two episodes, set to debut in December. Sony ordered 10 episodes of the show to be produced by Sony Pictures Television, according to Variety. At CES this year, Sony promised it would be competing with streaming video on demand (SVOD) providers Netflix and Hulu—companies whose services, particularly when used by apps distributed on the PlayStation Network, have grown in popularity over the last five years. In a June statement , Sony said PlayStation users will receive the first episode of Powers for free and the entire series will be free for U.S. Playstation Plus members. Powers was originally produced as a pilot starring Jason Patric and Charles S. Dutton. It was published by Image Comics in the early 2000s before moving to Marvel Comics’ Icon, where it continues today.

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Network PR Vet Alison Rou Launches Showrunner-Focused Shingle

August 14, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

Network PR vet Alison Rou has exited her post at ABC to launch Anchor Media Strategy, a praisery focused on repping showrunners. Rou said she sees an opening for a showrunner-centric shingle now that the hyphenates who run TV series are increasingly becoming boldface names, thanks to social media and heightened consumer media coverage of... Read more

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USA’s ‘Dig’ Moves Filming to Croatia (EXCLUSIVE)

August 7, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

USA Network’s “Dig” has found a new filming location: Croatia. The six-episode series, co-created by “Homeland” executive producer (and Jerusalem native) Gideon Raff and “Heroes” co-creator Tim Kring, is set entirely in Jerusalem and cast and crew had been lensing on location in the Holy City since early summer. After fighting broke out between Israel... Read more

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