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Disney India Expands Release Slate

January 14, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

Disney will this year release seven Hollywood titles in India through its market-leading Disney UTV subsidiary. A further four Indian movies will also go out under the Disney brand.

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Diane von Furstenberg Parties with Hollywood’s Finest Before the Golden Globes

January 12, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

Designer Diane von Furstenberg opened an exhibit celebrating the 40th anniversary of her iconic wrap dress with a perfectly-timed pre-Golden Globes party intersecting power players and starlets with fashion’s finest. The chic Hollywood crowd, mostly clad in DvF, included Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Uma Thurman, Rooney Mara, Allison Williams, Julie Delpy and Robin Wright (with... Read more

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Katherine Heigl, ‘The Nut Job’ Premiere Show Off Animal Magnetism

January 12, 2014  |  Variety  |  No Comments

It’s not everyday you see a groundhog, a rat, a trio of hedgehogs and an adorable pug on the red carpet, but there they were right along with the Hollywood elite at Regal L.A. Live on Jan. 11, for the premiere of Open Road’s 3D animated heist pic “The Nut Job.” Star Katherine Heigl got... Read more

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Stallone, De Niro KO’d at the Box Office

December 28, 2013  |  Variety  |  No Comments

Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are two of the most championed fighters in Hollywood history, starring in 1970s and ’80s boxing pics “Rocky” to Martin Scorsese’s “Raging Bull,” but this year, the duo have struggled mightily at the box office. “Grudge Match,” which opened Christmas day and stars the veteran actors, finished in 11th... Read more

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Robots’ New Challenge: Pentagon Boot Camp

December 22, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

They have been portrayed by Hollywood as deadly Terminators. They have been vilified as future automaton armies, hunting humans without conscience. But these imposing robots, their makers say, are just here to help. If all goes as planned, machines named THOR, Valkyrie and Atlas will rush in where humans fear to tread, rescuing earthquake victims and turning off potentially catastrophic radiation leaks. To help developers come up with the rescue robots of the future, the Defense Department has embarked on a multimillion-dollar campaign. Competitors squared off Friday on a Nascar racetrack in Florida, where they engaged in a kind of slow-motion robot contest for survival—and for more Pentagon money. Read the rest of this post on the original site »

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Video Is the Future of Social

December 11, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

This past spring, at the YouTube Upfronts in New York City, Google vice president Robert Kyncl stood in front of a packed audience of brand marketers and made a seemingly simple, but revelatory, declaration: “ TV is one-way. YouTube talks back .” What is happening on YouTube and on places like Vine (which is doubling monthly average users month over month) and Instagram, is something that many of us who study the social Web have known for some time: Video is the future of social. Why video? Why not text or photos — permanent or ephemeral? Is it simply the combination of sight, sound and motion? The clues to the answer are all around us. This past week, news of the tragic death of actor Paul Walker sparked tens of thousands of people to reach out on social media to express pain and sadness, and send prayers to his family and friends. For a 48-hour period, Twitter was trending with the news, and Facebook feeds were crowded with thoughts and condolences. As activity on Facebook and Twitter waned, the heartfelt vigils have continued to grow on YouTube, where more than 6,000 tribute videos had been uploaded within 100 hours of the tragedy. These beautiful videos, along with news videos of the tragedy found on YouTube, have touched more than 170 million people. Ultimately, the tribute videos will live forever, and will be added to the vast collection of images from the star’s “Fast & Furious” movie franchise, which an audience of more than six million fans enjoy monthly on the platform. This social media outpouring on YouTube highlights the fact that the shelf life of a Tweet or a Facebook post is now vanishingly small, evidenced by the fact that a Facebook post gets half its reach within 30 minutes of being published. By comparison, more than half of YouTube videos’ lifetime views come after three weeks of uploading. Take a look at any popular video from any year, and you’ll find recent comments that continue the conversation well into the future. Yes, Facebook and Twitter are driving some of the extended activity on YouTube videos. As of last year, Facebook is driving more than 500 years of YouTube viewing every day, and on Twitter, more than 700 YouTube videos are shared every minute. But the fact is that one minute of watching, creating, sharing or commenting on a video is one minute less to engage in other social mediums

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Caryn Mandabach Taps Michael Besman to Head L.A. Office

December 10, 2013  |  Variety  |  No Comments

LONDON — Film producer Michael Besman (“About Schmidt”) has been tapped to head up the L.A. office of Caryn Mandabach, the U.K.-based Hollywood producer, whose credits include “The Cosby Show,” “Roseanne,” “Third Rock from the Sun,” “That 70s Show” and “Nurse Jackie.” Besman, who joins Caryn Mandabach Prods. with the remit to develop and produce... Read more

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SpongeBob Is Coming to a USPS Mailbox Near You in Nickelodeon’s Holiday Push

December 9, 2013  |  Media Week  |  No Comments

All right, it's been done before, but not for a while: Nickelodeon is partnering with the ever-embattled U.S. Postal Service to promote its long (extremely long!)-running children's series SpongeBob SquarePants, in which a member of the order

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Meet Dava Newman, the World’s Universe’s Leading Space Fashion Designer

December 6, 2013  |  All Things Digital  |  No Comments

Women who are smaller than about 5'5" can’t go on spacewalks , according to aerospace engineering professor Dava Newman, who herself is too small. That’s because the bulky pressurized space suits built for leaving spacecraft start at size medium. (Talk about a role model problem, if small women don’t even get a shot!) Photo: Marla Aufmuth MIT professor Dava Newman (at right) shows off a prototype skintight space suit (Also, I checked, and Sandra Bullock is 5'7", so in this case Hollywood didn’t lie.) That limitation was part of the motivation for a 15-year research odyssey Newman has undertaken to design a bio-suit that would fit close to the body and allow astronauts of all sizes to be more agile in space, research funded at first by NASA and now by a string of academic research grants. A big appeal of her work is that Newman is essentially a fashion designer for astronauts, and that’s why she spoke at the TED Women conference in San Francisco this week, showing off a skintight bio-suit prototype that makes space look super hot. “We make them for females because I’m in charge,” she said in an offstage interview. And it’s not just about people of slighter stature. Today’s bulky spacesuits have a terrible track record of causing shoulder injuries  for astronauts of various sizes. Newman’s team has made an enormous breakthrough in recent months, she said, by incorporating active materials — specifically nickel-titanium shape-memory alloys. Newman’s longtime goal has been to design a suit with the pressure of 30 percent of the atmosphere, or 29.7 kilopascals. “We can get to 20 percent with shrink wrap,” she said. The ability to pressurize close to the skin comes from mathematical calculations about how tension lines can be laid out on the suit that do not become overextended and break when a person moves. As an added benefit, sensors can be safely placed on the lines. Newman calls this “elegant math.” Recent tests with active materials — which cinch up when you apply electricity — have proven to be more than effective, Newman said. Her team expects to soon publish papers on the latest research. “We’re now beyond what we need, 50 to 60 kilopascals,” Newman said.

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Martin Scorsese, Sharon Stone Topline Stellar Marrakech Fest Opening

November 29, 2013  |  Variety  |  No Comments

MARRAKECH — Traditionally known for its thick French accent, Marrakech’s glamorous opening night, held on Friday at the Congress Palace, had a definite Hollywood flavor with Sharon Stone getting a career tribute, as well as jury president Martin Scorsese and fellow members Marion Cotillard and Patricia Clarkson, among others international guests. “It’s good to be... Read more

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