Tech Companies Know the Future of Advertising Is Storytelling (HuffPost)

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Context creates aspirations that help drive marketer interests. Stories build bonds between consumers and brands.

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What it’s like to work at Facebook [TNW]

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Facebook generates $2bn in revenue, is valued at $50bn and has a global ‘customer’ base of 600m people. It’s fair to say it’s a pretty big company. And to service a company of this size, you need a lot of people.

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Event Overview In an age when new media and technology are advancing at unprecedented rates, when every new idea is soon followed by a host of imitators whose sole goal is to cash in, we can sometimes lose sight of the importance of genuine creativity. The value of creative work in business innovation deserves to be recognized, as does the difficulty of trying to move major creative ideas forward in a market that affords companies so little time to do so. Talk NYC is gearing up for Round 2 of its 2011 series, Creativity

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Apple TV or Apple TV?

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Is Apple's $4 billion investment for television components a move to guarantee components for its existing products or is it the first sign that Apple my be creating its own branded television?  That's the big question that analysts are trying to answer based on the revelation that Apple is "not only buying displays ahead of time, it's helping build the factories that make them".  If Apple is actually moving towards its own television, it would have an array of options to differentiate its product, ranging from apps and better software to their most

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Release of The Daily Finally Happens

The Daily
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Even though there are doubts as to whether consumers will pay for content online, Rupert Murdoch is reportedly spending $30 million to launch the first iPad "newspaper", "The Daily".  With a free, two-week trial and a $.99 weekly subscription cost, many other publishers will be watching "The Daily" to determine if they should follow suit with tablet newspapers.  Click here for 7 interesting facts about "The Daily's" launch.

Can Social Media Change the Film Marketing Game? Kevin Smith Thinks So

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Has social media reached a point where a filmmaker can successfully release a movie without using the traditional distribution channels? That's one of the questions that filmmaker Kevin Smith will attempt to answer with the release of Red State, his latest film. Made for $4 million, Smith did not want to go the traditional route of auctioning the film to a studio that would, in turn, pump tens of millions of dollars into advertising the film, thus making it harder for the film to turn a profit. So instead Smith announced at Sundance that he plans on

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