Monday February 29, 2016 | 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

4:30 pm | Registration and Reception

 5:00 pm | Opening Remarks

  • Derek Smith, Founder, Talk NYC

5:10 pm | Pioneering Circular Solutions To Enormous World Problems  (Talk)

Every day consumers produce more and more garbage, from cigarette butts to plastic gloves to chip bags, that have no opportunity to be recycled.  Learn from Tom Szaky, TerraCycle’s founder and CEO, how his business, over the past decade, has partnered with leading consumer product companies, retailers, cities and small businesses to make the non-recyclable recyclable.  TerraCycle has won over 200 awards for its work, operates in 20 countries, recycles over one million pounds of hard to recycle waste per week and has its own critically acclaimed TV show now filming its fourth season.

  • Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO, TerraCycle

5:25 pm | Proof Integrating Purpose and Profit Can Be Done! (Talk)

There’s a lot of talk about creating sustainable corporate initiatives that do well by doing good, but finding documented examples can be tough. David Hessekiel, president of the Cause Marketing Forum and co-author of Good Works!, shares outstanding examples of building a better world and the bottom line.

  • David Hessekiel, Founder and President, Cause Marketing Forum

5:30 pm | Paving the Way for Unexpected, Powerful Collaboration (Panel)

Sometimes the right partner for collaboration isn’t the first one that springs to mind. What happens when companies and organizations pick a wild card instead of the usual suspects? These Executives share their experiences with unexpected partnerships that had powerful results.

  • Rich Mintz, EVP, Blue State Digital (Moderator)
  • Gerald Richards, CEO, 826 National
  • Leah Gutstadt, Director, Strategic Philanthropy, Time Warner Cable
  • Charlie Wilkie, SVP, Guardian Labs US, Guardian News & Media
  • Jay Curley, Global Marketing Director, Ben & Jerry’s

6:00 pm | Shifting the Conversation, One Purposeful Video at a Time (Talk)

Upworthy is a media company on a mission: to figure out how to make the most important stories in the world, from the promise of interconnectedness to the threat of climate change, incredibly popular, Koechley led Upworthy’s original video program from 5M to 200M monthly video views over the last 12 months-and will share his philosophy on how to make a video that millions of people want to watch, and how that attention translates to impact.

  • Peter Koechley, Co-Founder, Upworthy

6:05 pm | Smarter Platforms: Activating a Millennial Audience (Panel)

Activating an audience goes beyond visual engagement and storytelling. It truly changes behaviors. Executives from the social change volunteer organization Do Something, and the movement-building public benefit corporation Purpose share insights into inspiring action among millennials.

  • Susan McPherson, CEO, McPherson Strategies
  • Aria Finger, COO, and President, TMI
  • Jeremy Heimans, Co-Founder and CEO, Purpose
  • Peter Koechley, Co-Founder, Upworthy

6:35 pm | Power Break & Refreshments

6:45 pm | How To Create “Cause Supporting” Experiences by Implementing Design Thinking and Using the Science of Emotion (Talk)

  • Victoria Summers, SVP of Engagement Strategy and Analytics, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

6:50 pm | Sharing Value: Making Marketing Hit a Triple Bottom Line (Talk)

  • Joel Johnson, CMO, Trout Unlimited

Veteran brand builder Joel R Johnson is CMO at Trout Unlimited, the leading coldwater conservation and advocacy nonprofit. Companies like Tiffany’s Orvis, and the Coca-Cola Company have found success partnering with the sportsmen and staff of TU to protect, reconnect and restore our nation’s coldwater fisheries. Johnson will share lessons learned in partnering brands and conservation to improve bottom line thinking and why going into conservation projects with the thought of sharing value is key to a successful partnership.

7:05 pm | Count Me In: Storytelling That Inspires Engagement (Panel)

Activating change through storytelling sounds straightforward but the written word, live events, and films all have strengths and challenges in that department. Executives from Participant Media’s digital division TakePart and A Caspian Production, which produces conferences for social enterprise clients, explore how to carry a story arc across media types, and use it to catalyze movements. They also shed light on untapped opportunities within each medium.

  • Heather Mason, Founder and President, A Caspian Production
  • Kirk Cheyfitz, Co-CEO and Chief Storyteller, Story Worldwide
  • Christopher Gebhardt, EVP, Participant Media

7:35 pm | CEO Round Table 

  • Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO, TerraCycle
  • Charles Coristine, CEO and Founder, LesserEvil

7:55 pm | Transformation Nation: Finding Peace Through Storytelling (Fireside Chat)

Behind every good story is a spark of inspiration. Filmmaker Abigail Disney made her directorial debut with the emotionally-charged documentary The Armor of Light, which looks at gun violence in America by following two unlikely allies. Huffington Post executive editor Jo Confino finds out how Disney tackled such a big, complex problem.

  • Jo Confino, Executive Editor, Huffington Post (Moderator)
  • Abigail Disney, President and CEO, Fork Films

8:25 pm | Closing Remarks

  • Derek Smith, Founder, Talk NYC


**Program schedule subject to change. Please check periodically for updates.