Talk NYC Rounds 2017-2009

Our network of emerging and established leaders come together at a series of intimate and illuminating gatherings we call Rounds, to discover, define and exchange the ideas that will shape the future of the entertainment, media, advertising and technology industries not here at home but around the world.

Rounds are led by our Talkers, who come from the best shops in the New York City area, and are selected for their diverse backgrounds, their current and future influence, their deep knowledge, and their inspiring visions of the future. Expect to meet current and future CEOs, CMOs, CDOs, SVPs and VPs from some of the most dynamic and vital firms shaping the future of media, in some of the most captivating locations in Manhattan.

Our Conferences and rounds are designed to map the rapidly- approaching future, and changing cultural and business landscape, of the media, entertainment, technology and advertising sectors. With insights from some of the most incisive emerging minds in these industries, TALK NYC’s carefully curated conversations will provoke, incite and entertain. Here’s a look at previous meetings.


The Coming Revolution in the Publisher/Advertiser Relationship and How to Prepare


The Future of Television

Differentiation in the Blogosphere: How to Capture It

Video Apps in a Smart Phone Universe

The Future of Advertising


TV Apps, Social TV, and Viewer Experience

Tech Madison Avenue

Creativity at the Speed of Light

Big Data and the Power of Push


State of Content

State of Content – LA

Tech Madison Avenue

Music and Brand Partnerships in a Digital Economy


ENGAGE: The NYC Digital Storytelling Conference



Not Good Enough Marketing

Tech Madison Avenue


ENGAGE: NYC Digital Storytelling Conference

Do Good Better

Tech Madison Avenue


Digital and Beyond

Engage: The LA Digital Storytelling Conference

Engage: The NYC Digital Storytelling Conference

Do Good Better

Previously Invited Participants

  • Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Internationally acclaimed Chef, Author and Philanthropist
  • David Eastman, CEO of JWT North America and Worldwide Digital Director
  • Kerry Trainor, CEO of Vimeo
  • Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder, Warby Parker
  • Roger Mincheff, President of Myspace Entertainment
  • Aaron Shapiro, CEO of HUGE
  • Matt Marcotte, SVP, Head of Global Retail at Tory Burch
  • Alison Moore, General Manager of Daily Candy
  • Sheldon Gilbert, CEO of Proclivity Media
  • Jeff Glasse, CEO of Kogeto
  • Dina Kaplan, Co-Founder of
  • David Tisch, Founder of the Boxgroup (formerly Managing Director of Tech Stars NY)
  • Dan McCarthy, Partner at DeSilva Phillips
  • Lauren Drell, Campaigns Editor at Mashable
  • Jorge Espinel, EVP, Strategy and Corporate Development, Digital Media, News Corporation
  • Ian Schafer, CEO & Founder of Deep Focus
  • Ivan Wicksteed, CMO of Old Navy (formerly Cole Haan)
  • Pam Russo, General Manager, TMZ (formerly)
  • Roland Hamilton, General Manager at Dailymotion
  • Nick Moore, Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman
  • Ben Williams, Editor at New York
  • Rei Inamoto, Chief Creative Officer at AKQA
  • Scott Pollack, Business Development and Product Management at American Express
  • Greg Kahn, EVP, Business Development Director Optimedia US
  • Eriq Gardner, Senior Editor at The Hollywood Reporter
  • Sim Blaustein, Principal, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments
  • Sam Zises, Co-Founder, Wendr
  • Avner Ronen, Co-Founder Boxee
  • Mike Shields, Digital Editor at Adweek
  • Larry Harris, CMO of Pubmatic (formerly President of Ansible Mobile)
  • Ran Harnevo, Senior Vice President of Video, The AOL On Network
  • Nelson Freitas, EVP, Director of Planning at Wunderman
  • Camille Hackney, EVP Licensing and Advertising Partnerships at Atlantic Records
  • Michael Schiffer, Associate at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC
  • Rob Davis, Executive Director Advanced Video Practice at Ogilvy