Five Storytelling Innovators to Watch

/// Five Storytelling Innovators to Watch

April 17, 2017  |  Blog

How do you tell a great story when you only have 8 seconds? How do you tell a story through a new medium only early adopters understand so far? How do you tell a good story across platforms? These are some of the tricky questions that brands are tackling in the digital age – here are the brands who are answering them.

Deep Focus

Deep Focus is an award-winning global digitally led creative agency, and one of the industry’s leading voices and provocateurs on digital media. At the core of Deep Focus’ strategy is collaboration – figuring out the future of emerging media platforms requires it. They’ve created a diverse body of work including Instagram campaigns for Lay’s, a loyalty and service-based app for Starbucks and commercials for the National Congress of American Indians.


Public is a group messaging company that launched in 2016. Public is helping school communities come together online and is changing the way people chat with each other but also how they interact with other people’s conversations.

iNK Stories

Based in New York City, iNK Stories is an independent studio producing narratives across screens — making visionary original stories that elevate and entertain. They produce narratives of all types and have provided narrative direction for video games, documentaries and VR content.


Moving past the limitations of traditional media, Flipboard aims to be your personal magazine, the single place for all your interests providing news for any topic. Organizing the world’s stories according to a user’s chosen interests, users can get more of the information they want.

Koncept VR

Koncept VR is a virtual reality production agency that focuses on providing high quality 360 video content & live action VR experiences. In a time when VR has been accepted by early adopters but hasn’t been fully embraced, Koncept VR is carving out a niche as a leader in VR content.

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