ENYC17 - ENGAGE: The NYC Digital Storytelling Conference Agenda

/// ENYC17 – ENGAGE: The NYC Digital Storytelling Conference Agenda

April 8, 2017  |  Blog

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1:10 pm | Storytelling at the Speed of Culture

Crafting a methodology of storytelling at the speed of culture.  Aki Spicer, the chief digital officer of TBWA\Chiat\Day NY, is at the forefront of disruption across 323 agencies and 12,000 employees. He discusses how to craft a storytelling methodology that moves at the speed of culture. He also talks about fine-tuning key internal drivers of company culture, from skills to personality, in order to tell smart and compelling stories that drive successful businesses.

  • Aki Spicer, ‎Chief Digital Officer, TBWA\Chiat\Day NY




1:20 pm |The Value of Diverse Voices in Storytelling

(Fireside Chat) (20 minutes)

The future of storytelling is unchartered territory. New technologies, changing audience behavior, and evolving ways of communicating are issues that creative leaders face today. As storytelling media evolve, and the ways in which we discover and share those stories transform, how can we elevate and engage the perspectives of diverse voices to solve challenges that lie ahead? In this conversation, Neil Carty, SVP of innovation strategy for MediaLink, and Rodney Williams, CMO and EVP of brands at Moët Hennessy North America, discuss how a culture of inclusiveness and a team of diverse backgrounds can deliver richer, fuller stories.

  • Neil Carty, Senior Vice President of Innovation Strategy, MediaLink
  • Rodney Williams, CMO and EVP of Brands, Moët Hennessy North America

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1:40 pm | Welcome

  • Rich Battista, President and Chief Executive Officer, Time Inc.


1:45 pm | New Technologies Shaping the Future of Storytelling

Our city is perfectly positioned to be a major player in new media. New York City’s Media Lab and Talk Presents showcase carefully selected emerging technologies and platforms that are enabling new forms of storytelling. Several startups will share how they are rethinking engagement, narratives, and experience within the context of storytelling as we know it.



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2:00 pm | Monetizing Early Adopter VR Consumption

Myriad ways to experience virtual reality are coming to the forefront, including a proliferation of headsets, mobile interfaces, as well as passive and active viewing. Which ones have the most impact, and which VR experiences resonate the most? This expert panel takes a closer look at VR early adopters, and what having a smart VR strategy can mean for brands.

  • Joergen Geerds, CEO and Creative Director, Koncept VR
  • Saswat Panda, Co-Founder and CTO, LiveLike
  • Chris Hercik, SVP, Creative + Content, The Foundry @ Time Inc
  • Whitney Fishman Zember, Managing Partner, Innovation & Consumer Technology, MEC


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2:30 pm | The Rise of Storyteller Bots

Chatbots can become narrative platforms that enable users to drive story lines and communicate directly with a character. The digital marketing agency RAPP developed a fictional character called Mr. Miles, who travels around the world for Air France and shares his experiences via Facebook Messenger. Rapp NYC group creative director Harkal Bee shares what the agency learned about chatbot storytelling, and how brands can harness non-linear formats.



2:40 pm | Over-the-Top Content Opportunities for Original Stories

Over-the-top streaming videos that reach audiences through devices like the Apple TV and Roku have fundamentally changed content development and delivery. As president and COO of CBS Interactive, Marc DeBevoise leads the digital-media businesses of the CBS Television Network and oversees CNET Media Group. He led the launch of the 24-hour digital streaming news service CBSN and spearheaded the over-the-top streaming video subscription service CBS All Access. Here, he provides a fresh perspective on the opportunities that OTT content provides for original stories.


Marc DeBevoise Executive Vice President and General Manager, Entertainment, Sports and News, CBS Interactive

2:55 pm |Who Is the Real King in Storytelling?

Traditional storytelling and traditional models are on their way out. Joe Hyrkin is CEO of Issuu, a free electronic publishing platform for magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. From his perspective, the creator is now king in storytelling. Hyrkin offers new ways for creators to interact with consumers.




3:00 pm | Gaining a Panoramic View on Multi-Platform Storytelling

(Panel / Roundtable)

The new media landscape is more content-centric than ever. This panel explores the rise of different platforms centered around an ever-increasing need for content. Experts look at what apps like Snapchat and Instagram mean for the future of storytelling, the ways that brands, platforms, publishers, and advertisers produce stories without compromising quality, as well as where the major shifts are happening with content creation, distribution, and viewership.



3:30 pm | Power Break (announcements, networking, deals) 

3:40 pm | Redefining Native Advertising: The Future of Storytelling in Publishing

The best native advertising blends seamlessly into the content where it lives. For the first time ever, native advertising will make up more than half of all display-ad sales this year — for a total of $22.1 billion, according to a recent report by eMarketer. Pamela Wasserstein, CEO of New York Magazine, sits down with Brian Morrissey, editor-in-chief of Digiday to take a closer look at what this boom means for publishing, new ways of thinking about native advertising that are emerging, and where native ads are headed in the future.


PamWasserstein (2)brian_morrissey1

4:00 pm | Storytelling Through Jaw-Droppingly Awesome Video

In 2015, CNN launched the social video network Great Big Story with the goal of sharing jaw-droppingly awesome video storytelling from around the world. In this fireside chat, co-founder Andrew Morse explores the power of video, the medium’s evolution, and how to craft stories that grow your audience.

  • Derek Smith, Founder, Talk NYC (Interviewer)
  • Andrew Morse, Co-Founder, Great Big Story


andrew.morse (2)

4:15 pm | Investing the Future of Storytelling: A VC Perspective

Dana Settle, co-founder and partner of the venture capital firm Greycroft Partners, explores the future of digital media platforms. Settle shares her perspective on virtual reality, gaming, and mobile storytelling. She also highlights breakthrough innovations, companies to watch, and new platform technologies on the horizon.

  • Clifton Leaf, Editor-in-Chief, Fortune Magazine (Interviewer)
  • Dana Settle, Co-Founder and Partner, Greycroft Partners



4:35 pm | How to Tell A Compelling Story When You Only Have 8 Seconds

Attention spans really are shrinking. One study by Microsoft found that most people typically lose concentration after a mere eight seconds — one second shorter than goldfish. This holds true for members of so-called Generation Z, born between 1995 and the 2000s. Marketers now have to do more with fewer seconds. Hear from creatives who are adjusting to this societal shift and figuring out novel ways to tell succinct yet compelling brand stories in under 8 seconds.

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