Six Companies Revolutionizing Digital Storytelling

/// Six Companies Revolutionizing Digital Storytelling

March 19, 2017  |  Blog

Storytelling for brands is changing and evolving rapidly across platforms. These companies are changing the way stories are born and spread across the digital ecosystem.  Chatbots, AI, VR,  and video all provide new types of digital experiences for brands and publishers to leverage when it comes to driving engagement among users and viewers. 


WEVR is a virtual reality community and VR platform for creatives that is both developing and funding VR content while working on creating the Youtube of VR content. With a focus on production, distribution and community, WEVR is poised to become the leader in the VR race.



Imperson develops conversational chatbots that can be used across different platforms including Facebook Messenger. They’ve created bots for many Hollywood movies including Power Rangers and Zootopia, helping to further make bots a new standard addition to marketing plans.


In August 2016, Instagram introduced Stories—its version of Snapchat that has quickly become replaced by Snapchat by many consumers. The feature incorporates short videos and images that disappear 24 hours after posting. Stories offers brands a way to incorporate of-the-moment storytelling into their social media strategy.


Niantic Labs

The software development company responsible for Ingress and the omnipresent Pokemon Go, Niantic was perhaps responsible for the biggest hit of the year and a radical change to the way people interact with games. By integrating the game with the user’s real life and working with the iPhone’s capabilities, storytelling opportunities became endless and other developers are rushing to create similar products.


In the rush to cash in on the current chatbot craze, brands have found plenty of issues to deal with – malfunctioning bots, limited technology and user dissatisfaction. While many companies have scaled back their use of bots and others like Domino’s and Taco Bell have used bots for transactional purposes, KIK is redefining what a chatbot can be used for. Kik has a more traditional chat feature for users to connect with each other in addition to chatbots – Kik also allows developers to create their own chatbots on the platform. Kik is sure to stay on the cutting edge of chatbots as the digital trend continues to become more popular.


LiveLike VR

LiveLike is dominating an emerging niche in VR – sports programming. LiveLike is a Virtual Reality platform company that enables broadcasters and sports teams to deliver immersive, live sports viewing experiences. LiveLike will continue to change the way people watch live sports events and will offer sports leagues and sports networks and new way to engage their audiences.

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