Here's How the Business of  Storytelling Is Evolving

/// Here’s How the Business of Storytelling Is Evolving

March 14, 2017  |  Blog

Here’s How the Business of  Storytelling Is Evolving

Digital storytelling at its best always takes advantage of the newest storytelling opportunities. Here are some innovative storytelling examples that are shaping the business and future of storytelling and will continue to do so in the next year.

  • IBM and Salesforce announced they are partnering to leverage IBM Watson’s analytical capabilities with Salesforce’s artificial intelligence technology, Einstein. This partnership will offer artificial intelligence-based solutions for companies that will no doubt offer digital storytelling opportunities.
  • Deutch’s Tacobot: Deutsch is exploring the possibilities of “conversational commerce” with their activation for Taco Bell using Slack. Chatbots were established as the future of digital storytelling at our ENGAGE:LA Conference and this will continue to be true.
  • Another example of chatbots is Disney’s Miss Piggy chatbot created by Imperson – she allows fans to interact with a timeless brand on a new, fresh level. Conversational chatbots that aren’t selling a product can still do their part to keep a brand’s fans engaged and inspired.
  • Google’s Foray Into VR: Google aims to sell tens of millions of VR headsets over the next year. Mobile VR will undoubtedly continue to catch on and change the game of digital storytelling and mobile media strategy.
  • Cirque du Soleil and Samsung take on VR: The opportunities for VR for brands extends past mobile – VR can also add an engaging element to an in-person event. Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Ka’ and ‘O’  have VR portions where the audience straps on a headset.
  • Snapchat focuses on beefing up Discover: Snapchat will work on making Discover a more content-focused platform, where brands can produce longer form content – sure to be a big opportunity for digital content creators.

We are always looking for the cutting edge – we want to know what is happening now, but we also want to look ahead. Did we miss something? Tweet us @talknyc to highlight a compelling example of innovation that we should feature.

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