Australians Can Use New Technology to Shop

/// Australians Can Use New Technology to Shop

August 28, 2014  |  Blog

Australian shoppers should be excited, because some new technology aims to make the shopping experience easier and better than ever. According to Mashable, some retailers and restaurants alike will soon be taking advantage of new programs that let consumers order what they want without even having to tell an employee.

“One example includes a cafe window that turns into a touchscreen, so you can order your meal when the store is closed, or order your coffee before you walk inside. Using a digital PayPal wallet system, consumers can use the system to place their order without cash, and can also select a time of day for pickup. No more waiting in line. This concept is already in its trial phase at 12 Melbourne cafes.”

To see other examples of how technology can make shopping easier, check out Mashable.

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