Nextdoor Is the Next Big Social Network for Neighbors

/// Nextdoor Is the Next Big Social Network for Neighbors

August 19, 2014  |  Blog

There’s a newly popular social network in town – possibly even your own town – and it’s pretty exclusive. In fact, you have to show proof of address to be accepted, according to The Verge. The network we’re talking about is called Nextdoor, and this is how it works:

“People post messages, but they are seen only by others in the immediate area, and there is no share or retweet button to proliferate messages across the network. It feels more like a modern update on a message board or web forum than a social network. But it has struck a chord across the country. When The Verge first reported on Nextdoor back in July of 2012, it was in 3,500 neighborhoods. Today, the company is announcing that its reached 40,000 neighborhoods, or roughly one in four American communities, with 10 or more active users.”

Are you part of this local network? Read more about it at The Verge. 

Image credit: Daniel R. Blume 


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