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August 18, 2014  |  allevents, DGB14, dgb15

Topaz Page-Green, Louis Desazars, Sarah Sophie Flicker

Topaz Page-Green, Founder & Executive Director of The Lunchbox Fund


Topaz Page-Green graduated from New York University with a degree in Anthropology and Sociology and gave up her career as a model in 2004 to start The Lunchbox Fund with Joaquin Phoenix and Balthazar Getty, a nonprofit dedicated to combat the epidemic of childhood hunger in her native south Africa. After realizing that over 4 million children have little or no access to food on a regular basis, Page-Green has dedicated her life to providing daily, healthy meals to orphaned and vulnerable children, which incentivizes them to stay in school, and consequently reduces their risk of HIV infection and abuse.

The Lunchbox Fund currently provides over 2.5 million meals a year, and Page-Green has garnered worldwide support from leading activists including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, President Bill Clinton, Bono, and countless others. Board members and past collaborators include Salman Rushdie, Chuck Close, Beyoncé, Elton John, Liv Tyler, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kiki Smith, Alan Cumming, Patti Smith, Philip Glass, Sting, Francesco Clemente, Tony Bennett, Jim Dine, Hugh Masekela, Lou Reed, Yoko Ono, David Bowie, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, James Franco, Ben Kingsley, Flea, Helena Christensen and Naomi Campbell.

To further expand The Lunchbox Fund’s reach, Page-Green launched the innovative app Feedie in 2013, the first foodie philanthropy app. Backed by leading restaurateurs like Mario Batali and Jamie Oliver, Feedie features over 300 restaurants that donate one meal for every “foodie” photo posted to social media.

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