/// David Shulman

August 5, 2014  |  allevents, DGB14

Untitled David Shulman – CEO, Organic

Shulman joined Organic as CEO in July of 2012, looking to expand upon his rich and varied career at an agency that does more than just build all-things digital but aims to transform the nature of customer engagement. From starting a software-development company in Ukraine, to introducing the S-Type at Jaguar, to founding and building Digitas Detroit, Shulman has spent his career building teams and growing relationships. Prior to joining Organic, Shulman served as President at Wunderman, where he was able to apply his most fundamental philosophy: that entrepreneurism plus imagination equals magic. In that role, he was responsible for inculcating that formula on a global stage – leading global client engagements and managing cross-capability teams in a range of industries. During his nine year run at Digitas, prior to Wunderman, he held client leadership and business development positions across Boston, Detroit, London and New York offices.

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