/// Inside Homer Simpson’s Gigantic Head at Comic Con

July 27, 2014  |  Media Week

The inside of Homer Simpson’s head is filled with colorful drawings of the characters from the show named after his family, a giant video screen covering the top interior of his skull—which is about 20 feet in diameter—a brain (presumably to scale) about the size of an ottoman, and two dozen gaping Simpsons-loving fans staring up at the computer-generated mysterious voyage through Homer’s mind created by the marketing team in charge of the single biggest activation at San Diego Comic Con. Homer’s Dome is the name of the thing, according to FXX, which bankrolled and created it, but Mr. Simpson’s noggin takes up maybe a fourth of total Simpsons-occupied area, which resembles a small Coney Island-style amusement park, complete with midway games and a cotton candy machine (the fluff itself is blue, of course). It’s close to another big activation by a sister network, Fox’s zipline over a model skyline for its upcoming Batman spinoff. It’s a little like Springfield is a suburb of Gotham City.

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Inside Homer Simpson’s Gigantic Head at Comic Con

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