/// Oculus Rift Takes Center Stage at Comic-Con

July 25, 2014  |  Media Week

While you can read about how your favorite characters solved a crisis or watch a movie about a doomsday scenario, there's still something to be said about going through the heart-stopping action for yourself. Thanks to virtual reality technology Oculus Rift , some San Diego Comic-Con attendees were able to do just that. Oculus Rift made headlines when Facebook bought the parent company Oculus VR for $2 billion in March , to the dismay of several fans and developers . Not only does the technology submerse the user into the story through audio cues and vibrant visuals, its motion sensors allow for a 360-degree peek into the fictitious world. Despite usually being reserved for video games, several brands used the headset to give fans an experiential tour of their product. X-Men Days of Future Past turned Oculus Rift into Cerebro , the famed device Professor X uses (along with his telepathic powers) to locate mutants. Attendees sat in the Charles Xavier's wheelchair and used their mindpower to navigate the convention floor to find shape-shifting mutant Mystique. The participants ran into other iconic X-Men characters along the way, including Wolverine and Nightcrawler. Fox brought Oculus Rift to the Petco Interactive Zone right outside the main convention center, and allowed people to meet Ichabod Crane as a promotion for its series

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