One of YouTube's Biggest Stars Is Still Anonymous

/// One of YouTube’s Biggest Stars Is Still Anonymous

July 21, 2014  |  Blog

You might think you know who all the YouTube stars are, but you might be wrong. According to BuzzFeed, one of the top channels is DisneyCollectorBR, which is run by an anonymous woman who makes millions per year without letting on her identity to fans.

Here’s an example of just how popular she is: “DisneyCollectorBR’s most watched video, an unwrapping of “egg surprises” branded by Angry Birds, SpongeBob, and Cars, recently hit 90 million views. Five other videos have received over 40 million views, and another 15 have over 20 million. The channel’s hundreds of videos have been watched over 2.4 billion times — that’s more than “Gangnam Style” by Psy.”

Have you heard of this YouTube channel? You can find out more about why it is so popular at BuzzFeed.

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