Estée Lauder Shows Off Product Pictures on Social Media

/// Estée Lauder Shows Off Product Pictures on Social Media

June 19, 2014  |  Blog

Estée Lauder is one of the latest brands to see the benefit of social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. According to The Wall Street Journal, it recently began putting glossy, appealing photos of its products on such social media sites.

The new marketing move is focused on making the brand look young and fun, and so far, it’s working. “Estée Lauder’s world-wide follower count has surpassed 8.5 million, including 5 million Facebook fans world-wide and more than 3 million followers on other platforms, including China’s Weibo. It is on pace with some of its rivals, including Lancôme, from L’Oreal USA, which boasts a similar number of Facebook fans world-wide.”

Have you seen the brand’s crisp, beautiful pictures on social media sites yet? You can get a glimpse at The Wall Street Journal. 

Image credit: Melinda Seckington 

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