The Possible Return to Internet Anonymity

/// The Possible Return to Internet Anonymity

June 9, 2014  |  Blog

Gradually, the Internet has encouraged users to tell others their identity. People make their lives public on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and now even the comments section on many websites requires commenters to reveal a name or even sign in through social media before posting a thought. But according to BBC News, some apps are encouraging a return to anonymity on the Internet.

Whisper and Secret are just two apps that allow people to get out their true thoughts while remaining anonymous. It’s no wonder that many people are too afraid of backlash to post their true opinions online under their real name. After all, people have gotten fired, sued, or worse as a result.

Do you agree that Internet users should go back to being anonymous? Find out more about this theory at BBC News. 

Image credit: Ashley Bilodeau 

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