/// Fast Chat: Kevin Byrnes, VP of Ad Sales for Newsmax

June 5, 2014  |  Media Week

Newsmax , a conservative news site that specializes in media watchdogging, is turning into a full-blown cable network—or rather, a satellite network. The new net launches June 16 in DirecTV's 20 million homes, and will count nine hours of original programming—expanding to 18 by the end of December. In an age when carriers are anxious to prove value to consumers faced with myriad subscription TV choices, the move seems wise for DirecTV. Now, in order to beef up its revenue stream, Newsmax (which has dabbled in print publishing, as well) has hired Kevin Byrnes as its new vp of sales, the company's top sales-side position. Adweek: Tell me about the switch from nine-irons to news. Kevin Byrnes: Well, I was at the Golf Channel for almost 10 years and then when Comcast bought NBCU, Golf was folded into NBC Sports. It's been a lot of golf, but it is media! It's been quite transferable to the situation I'm in now. It's a little older, it's a little more affluent, and some of the advertisers cross over. AW: What kinds of categories are you seeking first?

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