/// For Soothing Relief, Dr. Oz Loves iPad Apps

May 23, 2014  |  Media Week

Specs Who Dr. Mehmet Oz Age 53 Accomplishments Cardiac surgeon and professor at Columbia University; host of The Dr. Oz Show ; author; founder of Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine (May/June issue is on newsstands now) Base New York What’s the first information you consume in the morning? Whether my wife’s happy with me or not! I read her smile first. Where do you get your news? I read two papers—The New York Times and the Post—on my iPad. You recently launched your own magazine, The Good Life . What other magazines do you read? I always look at Oprah’s magazine . I think it’s very well done. And I read Time magazine. I do both of those on my iPad. I have an app called Next Issue that has every magazine. The other thing that I read is a magazine called The Week. It’s actually my favorite place of all to get information. I like the fact that it presents both sides of the polemic and covers a wide range of topics. What are your go-to social media platforms? Twitter’s usually number one. I find Pinterest valuable because it’s quick; I usually use it for recipes.

For Soothing Relief, Dr. Oz Loves iPad Apps

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