Website Scams Target Advertisers

/// Website Scams Target Advertisers

May 16, 2014  |  Blog

According to The Guardian’s recent article, about 36% of online traffic is fake. That means that more than one third of web hits are not made by humans, but likely bots.

These bots are set up by scammers, who create websites with a little content and lots of ad slots. They then sell the ad space to advertisers, who assume actual people visit the site. However, mostly only the bot created by the scammer visits the website, making it seem like it gets more traffic than it does.

The advertiser continues to pay for ad space, and the scammer continues to make money without actually benefitting the advertiser with real page views. In fact, the scammer could use this tactic to steal credit card numbers, which is why marketers are advised to avoid advertising on small, new sites that have suspiciously high click rates.

You can learn about more about this issue at The Guardian.

Image credit: Wikimedia

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