Some Companies Still Don't Understand Native Advertising

/// Some Companies Still Don’t Understand Native Advertising

May 15, 2014  |  Blog

Native advertising is huge right now, but it looks like some publishers don’t actually know how to do it. Ian Sigalow recently helped explain it better so more people could understand.

Basically, native ads should blend in seamlessly with the other content on the website. The only difference should be that there is small print to denote that it is a native ad. Other than that, it should have the same formatting and quality content as the rest of the site, and it should never go to another website completely when someone clicks on it. Ian Sigalow explained: “Part of the problem is that agency RFPs are confusing the market because they do not differentiate between a rich media campaign (banner ads disguised to look like content) and true native advertising. I have seen a bunch of examples floating around.”

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