/// Sweeping Changes in Store at Fox

May 12, 2014  |  Media Week

When the Knights of the Laptop begin to examine the fall broadcast schedule in earnest, expect a deluge of think pieces on how, after a seemingly robust return to form a few seasons back, broadcast comedy is dead all over again (or, at the very least, comatose) and how midseason is the new fall. Whether there’s anything to that premature assessment remains to be seen, but at this very early juncture in Upfronts Week, it would appear that a trend is in the wings. With the collapse of its Tuesday night comedy block and the relegation of Simon Cowell and The X Factor to the U.K. , Fox looks like a different network altogether. An all-new series is slated for nearly every night of the week, and the Sunday Animation Domination block will be studded through with live-action comedies. Moreover, as

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