/// Here Are the Survival Odds for Your Favorite Prime-Time TV Shows

May 5, 2014  |  Media Week

With mere days to go before the annual rite of spring turns the broadcast TV business into a moneyed round of show-and-tell, the fate of dozens of legacy series remains up in the ether. Of the 85 scripted shows that have aired at least once since the season began, 38 remain in a sort of existential limbo. (For the non-mathletes among you, that’s 45 percent of the overall stash.) And while ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox won’t show their hands until Upfront Week, we’ve figured out which of your favorite shows will live to see another sunrise and which ones are fated to become worm food. Having applied Adweek’s proprietary prognostication formula—basically, we toss C3 ratings, studio provenance, syndication prospects and a gambler’s gift for lucky guesses into a rocks glass, soak everything with bourbon and set it all alight—we hereby offer a list of the drowned and the saved. Let’s start easy. CBS in March once again eschewed with much of the will-it-or-won’t-it theatrics, renewing the vast majority of its flagship series in one glorious burst of flavor. As such, only a handful of new series are on the bubble, while The Mentalist is the veteran outlier. As Hostages and Intelligence had all the drawing power of an Agoraphobics Day parade, they’re history.

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Here Are the Survival Odds for Your Favorite Prime-Time TV Shows

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