Social Network for Doctors Is Worth Learning About

/// Social Network for Doctors Is Worth Learning About

April 30, 2014  |  Blog

You’ve probably heard all about the new social networks constantly popping up, but there’s one major site you might not have heard of. Doximity is a social site for doctors. In fact, PandoDaily called it sort of like LinkedIn for doctors, and that makes it important for everyone.

In a recent article, PandoDaily described a scene in which a doctor was able to get medical information through Doximity about 30 minutes faster than he would have gotten it if he had waited to use the fax machine. In particular, it’s a “social network for medical professionals with secure, HIPAA-compatible messaging features, has the potential to save lives.”

If this newer social network sounds intriguing, that’s probably because it could very well help a doctor save your life someday. You can read more about it at PandoDaily.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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