/// Infographic: People Who Eat Fast Food Also Watch The Biggest Loser

April 29, 2014  |  Media Week

Sometimes your best decisions are based on hunches. You might think a certain TV show is a great fit for your target audience, for example, but how do you prove it? In the infographic below we see that online users who eat fast food are more likely to be fans of NBC’s hit reality show “The Biggest Loser,” in which overweight contestants compete to drop the most pounds through diet and exercise. Check out “The Collective Guide to Buying TV Smarter” Even better, the ABC sitcom “Trophy Wife,” in which an attractive young woman marries a wealthy older lawyer, is among the most popular TV shows with people who shop for financial products and services, while “Two Broke Girls,” a CBS sitcom about a couple of struggling waitresses, is among the least popular. These correlations between online behaviors and TV viewing habits come courtesy of data from Collective, which provides smart media buyers with insights to increase conversions, improve efficiencies (e.g., buy “48 Hours” instead of “The Big Bang Theory”) and generally paint a more informed picture of where certain consumers watch TV. The “ Collective Guide to Buying TV Smarter ” contains helpful infographics like the one below as well as detailed information about how to improve the buying process. Illustration: Carlos Monteiro

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Infographic: People Who Eat Fast Food Also Watch The Biggest Loser

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