/// Marjorie Kaplan Is Juggling 2 Discovery Networks Through the Upfront and Beyond

April 21, 2014  |  Media Week

Specs Who Marjorie Kaplan New gig Group president, TLC and Animal Planet Old gig Group president, Animal Planet, Science Channel and Velocity Age 52 So TLC is a huge business. What’s it like handling that network and Animal Planet? I’m like a crazy person now. We’re heading into the upfront, so I’m doing two upfronts, and I’m really trying to put a stamp on what we’re doing on TLC with no time to spare. One of the things that recharges your creative cells is exposure to new things and new people. I was describing it to somebody as like being in love: You have that unbelievable amount of energy, and you suddenly don’t need any sleep. Is it possible to sustain that for long? Well, I’ve got to make sure my husband still knows he’s married to me. I don’t think it’s appropriate to expect to maintain this level of engagement on both businesses, but you do have to dive into the deep end at first. I’ve been on Animal Planet a long time, and I can trust that team to move the ball forward. What do you want to accomplish at TLC? We need to remind the TLC audience of who we are. What we see happening right now with The Little Couple is a great moment for TLC. It gives us everything everyone loves about the brand. [Jen Arnold’s battle with cancer] has a happy ending—we’re not raking the audience over the coals with the experience. It’s about seeing the love and the humor. These are not painful emotional experiences, they’re life-affirming, playful shows. How is that different from the rest of the cable landscape?

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Marjorie Kaplan Is Juggling 2 Discovery Networks Through the Upfront and Beyond

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