US Airways Tweet Teaches 5 Social Media Lessons

/// US Airways Tweet Teaches 5 Social Media Lessons

April 17, 2014  |  Blog

Whether the recent US Airways tweet left you  amused, disgusted, or a little of both, the good news is that there are some lessons you can learn from it. Once you’re done laughing at the many Twitter reactions that have been floating around the Internet, take a look at LinkedIn’s list of social media tips.

The first lesson you can learn is that you should restrict access to your brand’s social media account. Make sure only a handful of trusted employees can send out tweets or other types of messages. This can help you narrow down what happened in case a social media issue like the one US Airways had should ever occur. You should also track the volume of your messages using analytics software so it’s obvious when a recent post is being shared like wildfire.

You can learn a few more lessons when you read the post by HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes at LinkedIn.

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