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April 15, 2014  |  Engage14

Lewis Dvorkin

Chief Product Officer, Forbes

Lewis D’Vorkin serves as Chief Product Officer, leading all editorial areas for Forbes and its related brands. A seasoned journalist and experienced business entrepreneur, since joining the company in June 2010 Mr. D’Vorkin has initiated the redesign of Forbes magazine and launched an innovative digital publishing platform that delivers a Forbes.com experience that is cleaner, simpler, more interactive and easier to navigate – and one that puts authoritative journalism at the center of a social media experience.

The new Forbes.com – which is part of the ongoing changes Mr. D’Vorkin oversees – includes a unique new content-creation engine; a new mobile site; state-of-the-art publishing tools; People, Places and Companies Profile pages; a new Home Page, Channel and Section pages; the Forbes Follow Bar – and the creation of the New Newsroom that fosters participation and interactivity between readers, content creators and marketers in real-time to meet the demands of an ever-evolving media landscape.

“What we’re really doing is building a bridge to connect the values and standards of our traditional media heritage with the dynamic nature of digital publishing in the era of social media,” said Mr. D’Vorkin. “It’s all part of our strategy to put FORBES’ authoritative journalism, honed over nearly 100 years, at the very center of a multiplatform, multidevice social media experience.”

Mr. D’Vorkin is widely considered to be a pioneer in the area of digital journalism and social media.

Prior to joining Forbes, Mr. D’Vorkin founded and served as Chief Executive of True/Slant, an original web-based content news network, which Forbes Media invested in and acquired in May of 2010. There he combined the values and editorial standards of traditional news with the immediacy and interactivity of the digital medium. He served as Executive Editor of Forbes magazine from December 1996 to April 2000,

Mr. D’Vorkin brings to his new position 40 years of experience in both traditional and new media platforms. He was Senior Vice President, Programming at AOL, where he was responsible for News, Sports and Network Programming and played a significant role in the launch of TMZ.com. Earlier in his career, Mr. D’Vorkin was Page One Editor of The Wall Street Journal, a Senior Editor at Newsweek, and an editor at The New York Times.

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