/// NAB’s Gordon Smith Is Confident He Can Turn Things Around in Washington

April 11, 2014  |  Media Week

Broadcasters are having a tough time in Washington. A number of efforts are aimed straight at the business from the FCC's recent decision to tighten ownership rules and claw bag big chunks of the broadcast spectrum for wireless, to a very vocal pay TV lobby pushing hard on Congress to reform retransmission consent. With so much going against them, it's easy to conclude that the broadcasting lobby, once the most powerful lobby on the Hill, may be on the outs. Certainly the media has lost the glamour crown to the Internet. But calling the broadcasting industry a dinosaur may be a premature conclusion. Wrapping up the industry's national convention in Las Vegas this week, Gordon Smith, president and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters, remains confident he can turn things around. “While I may be frustrated, I'm not discouraged because I know how this ends,” Smith said. Smith, a former Senator, spent the week talking with broadcasters, FCC commissioners and staffers, even holding a closed-door meeting with FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, who right now is enemy no. 1 among broadcasters. Coming off a very unpopular FCC vote that made it a lot tougher for two TV stations to share advertising sales, Wheeler faced a hostile audience. He put on his best charm offensive to try and convince broadcasters that he wasn't out to destroy the business.

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NAB’s Gordon Smith Is Confident He Can Turn Things Around in Washington

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