Automating Social Media Might Be Convenient, But It's Not Recommended

/// Automating Social Media Might Be Convenient, But It’s Not Recommended

April 9, 2014  |  Blog

Automating social media might seem easy, but it’s not usually the best idea. A recent LinkedIn post goes into detail on this.

More specifically, there are three reasons you should not automate your social media efforts. The first one is that you risk looking insincere, especially since what works well for one site does not work at all for another. This means your message should be unique on each site, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The second reason you should not automate social media is that you will probably come off as a well-groomed corporation, not a real person, which can put off readers.

Find out the third reason by reading the whole LinkedIn post by Erica Friedman.

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