/// How Do You Find the Right Scream for an Angry Goat in Your Ad?

April 8, 2014  |  Media Week

Getting the right scream for an angry goat in a Doritos crowdsourced Super Bowl spot was just part of the job for the musicians at Tunewelders, a 5-year-old music production company in Atlanta. The shop specializes in customized music and sounds for brands and programming, ranging from goofy to solemn, such as a patriotic melody underlining NFL players reading the Declaration of Independence—another promo Tunewelders did for this year’s Super Bowl audience. Guitarist Ben Holst is co-founder, producer and creative director of Tunewelders. He and co-founder Jeremy Gilbertson work with Jason Shannon and Vic Stafford to tap into what he calls the backlash against “overcomputed, overprocessed” music and the movement toward “organic and authentic” sounds coming from real instruments. What makes your music studio different from the legion of others out there? We do emotional Americana using instruments like acoustic guitars and Hammond organs. We play and record real instruments, and we do music by hand. How is the role of music and sound changing in ads and branded content? Music has traditionally been treated as an afterthought in making an ad.

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How Do You Find the Right Scream for an Angry Goat in Your Ad?

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