/// And That’s a Hat Trick for HBO Go Meltdowns

April 7, 2014  |  Media Week

Turns out if you just shrug when faced with rampant password sharing, your bandwidth takes a major hit during big-ticket episodes: HBO's wildly popular streaming service HBO Go coughed blood and keeled over (oh, come on, if that happened on the show it'd be the least violent thing on the screen) during the much-anticipated premiere of fantasy series Game of Thrones on Sunday night, leading to reactions like this: Noooooooo!! @HBOGO is down for #GOT #hbogo #gameofthrones pic.twitter.com/hpx9hWGepV — Hughie Stone Fish (@Hughiestonefish) April 7, 2014 Alas, Hughie Stone Fish was not alone. I think this sums up #GoT fans’ fears about @HBOGO tonight #GoTSeason4 pic.twitter.com/SP7ndhzEnu — Omar Kasrawi (@kasrawiNYC) April 7, 2014 The Internet, of course, is the first place anyone with an opinion goes to express his or her displeasure, but this is the third time the app has crashed under viewer strain in less than a year—most recently during the True Detective finale, and before that during the finale of last season's Game of Thrones.

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