/// Diller: Aereo is ‘Finished’ if It Loses Supreme Court Battle

April 2, 2014  |  Media Week

Should Aereo lose its impending U.S. Supreme Court case , backer Barry Diller believes it’ll be game over for the upstart distributor. Speaking to anchor Erik Schatzker during an appearance on Bloomberg Television’s Market Makers , the IAC chairman and Aereo’s most visible investor said a defeat in the highest court in the land would all but doom the company. “If we lose, we’re finished,” Diller said. “It’s very possible that there’s some salvage. But Aereo would probably—as I say, probably, just because I can’t…I can’t see any path forward. It probably would not be able to continue in business.” Knuckling under and paying broadcasters to distribute their signals simply isn’t part of Aereo’s business model, Diller added. “We could probably pay retransmission consent, uh, dollars, if we could make a deal with broadcasters, we probably could, but the value proposition would go out of the game,” Diller said.

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Diller: Aereo is ‘Finished’ if It Loses Supreme Court Battle

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