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April 1, 2014  |  Media Week

In last season’s premiere of FX’s American Horror Story, two teenagers are lying on the bed, nervously making out. “I don’t want to hurt you,” says the boy, moments before having a seizure, bleeding profusely from his eyes, nose and mouth, and then dying. If viewers were hoping for a respite from the race-hate charged torture sequence that immediately preceded the scene, they didn’t get it. What kind of show is this? Call it television for women. First, some data. On cable, AHS: Coven was the most popular series in the two most vital female demos—the 18-49 “dollar demo” (2.6 million live-plus-7 viewers, meaning many ad-valued moms liked it) and 12-34 (1.8 million, meaning that teens, who are far less likely to watch TV, liked it). The show skews female, with women comprising 59 percent of its viewership. After that, the most popular scripted series on cable were dramas about zombies (AMC’s The Walking Dead , 1.9 million) and biker gangs (FX’s Sons of Anarchy, 1.2 million) and, of course, murdered high schoolers (ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars , 1.3 million). It turns out that the revolution in cable that gave rise to testosteriffic dramas like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Mad Men has been plenty good to women, too

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What Women Watch on TV

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