/// “Secret” App Could Have a Positive Effect

March 21, 2014  |  Blog

The next time you have something you want to share, but you’re worried about being judged or ridiculed, try using the app Secret to share anonymously. According to an article at Medium, this application has the potential to boost the confidence of its users.

When you sign up for this app, you will see the secrets of people in your network, which might include friends, coworkers, friends of friends, and so on. Secret does not currently have a ton of users, but it is growing in popularity. And with good reason, according to Medium’s Adrian Phillips: “Secret has the potential to be a safe place for constructive feedback for upcoming writers and comedians as a place to test their jokes and opinions before they even post them to places like Twitter or Facebook. Through Secret’s commenting and “liking” mechanics they are also able to test the waters and get feedback from their friends and others that may see their post on Secret without ever revealing their identity.”

Of course, artists, designers, and other people who are not confident in their work yet could also use Secret in a positive way. Read the full article at Medium and then let us know….Would you use this app?

Image credit: val.pearl

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