Is Anyone Ever Really Out of the Office?

/// Is Anyone Ever Really Out of the Office?

March 20, 2014  |  Blog

You have probably sent an email before that has been met with an immediate response claiming “I’m out of the office right now.” According to a LinkedIn article, a lot of people no longer believe such automatic replies.

That’s because pretty much everyone checks their email throughout the day. Even when you are working from home or taking a day off work or even in Hawaii on vacation, you probably look at your email at least once per day. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wi-fi everywhere we go makes sure of that. So maybe you should stop using this automatic reply that no one believes…or perhaps you can follow the advice of LinkedIn Influencer Richard A. Moran and start adding “I’m really out of the office today, really, I am.”

Do you ever suspect these automatic email replies to be false? Read more about this at LinkedIn.

Image credit: Rafe Blandford

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