What's in the Future for Twitter?

/// What’s in the Future for Twitter?

March 13, 2014  |  Blog

For years, Twitter has been compared to Facebook, and usually critics claim it could learn a few things from Mark Zuckerberg’s site. In fact, according to PandoDaily, that’s exactly what some social media experts are still saying today.

After three social media experts were interviewed by PandoDaily’s James Robinson, the consensus seemed to be that Twitter is unique and has potential, but it needs to pay attention to what Facebook is doing right. Some issues it currently has include an inability to target by location and a lack of support for direct response advertising.

You can read the story at PandoDaily to find out what else Twitter needs to correct before it can reach the success of Facebook. Do you agree with what these social media professionals are saying about Twitter?

Image credit: Josh Semans

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