The Role of Mobile Editors in the Newsroom

/// The Role of Mobile Editors in the Newsroom

March 13, 2014  |  Blog

Mobile has becoming increasingly important over the last few years, and now the newsrooms are paying attention to this trend. According to Digiday, a lot of news stations have hired mobile editors specifically to write news stories for mobile phones.

This means the stories have to come with images that are easy to see on smartphones, and readers are alerted to these news stories through push notifications. Of course, many mobile editors are still learning on the job when it comes to what makes a news story mobile friendly. But apparently this is still a step in the right direction, since it means that “media companies are acknowledging that they have to put mobile at the center, not the periphery, of their operations.”

Have you noticed that news sites are easier than ever to pull up on your phone? Learn more about this at Digiday.

Image credit: Dave Winer

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