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March 12, 2014  |  EngageAB2014


Jay Mandel, Mastercard

Jay Mandel is responsible for set the global social media voice and ensure it is strategic, consistent yet localized and effective with MasterCard prospects and partners. With global creative and strategic responsibilities, Jay stays on top of the digital/social media industries as well as popular culture to ensure MasterCard remains relevant and meaningful across media channels where these attributes matter the most. Jay is also responsible for overseeing all social media platforms relative to their proper and strategic use and is charged with devising global workflows and best practices for publishing and curating content in social media, ensuring that MasterCard can grow its addressable audience and ultimately gain competitive advantage against the competition.

In addition to his expertise in digital marketing, throughout Jay’s career he has had varying experience across public relations, internal communications, and branding.

Jay received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises, and Information Studies from the Whitman Schoolof Management at Syracuse University in 2000. In 2005, Mandel received a Master’s degree from Columbia University in Strategic Communications.



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