/// Drinking With H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman

March 7, 2014  |  Media Week

When Bob’s Burgers returns to Fox’s Sunday night lineup this weekend, it will do so after a five-week hiatus—and in a new time slot. Bumped back to 7 p.m. to make room for the new science education series, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey , the cult-fave animated series will literally be the only first-run comedy option on the tube at that time. Because most of Fox’s promotional dollars are falling Cosmos’ way, the cast of Bob’s Burgers is getting the word out about the time slot shift on the cheap. As is their wont, the voice actors broke into song in a special promo , crooning that the move to 7 p.m. is “not our faaaaaaaaaaault!” Last week, two New York-based Bob’s actors sat down with Adweek at the Flatiron hipster enclave that is the lobby of the Ace Hotel . (Seriously, this place is like a microcosm of Boho Boutique Brooklyn, only it’s on the wrong side of the river. Alexa Chung doppelgangers speaking Italian? Check. Guy with a Bichon Frise tucked inside the folds of his Moncler Gaston jacket? You bet.) H

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Drinking With H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman

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