Consider a Simple Time Management Tip

/// Consider a Simple Time Management Tip

March 6, 2014  |  Blog

Are you struggling with time management? Whether this has always been a challenge for you or is just a recent problem, LinkedIn Influencer Greg McKeown strives to solve it for you in his latest article.

If you can relate to his story about his fairly successful friend who struggles with the concept of not checking email or social media sites, maybe you can benefit from his advice. Essentially, it consists of making a to-do list of your top six priorities for the next day, and then crossing out all but the first one. First thing the next morning, you need to carve out 90 minutes of your day to simply work on completing this task, without giving in to distractions.

Do you think you can do this, or do you have any other suggestions for people who are prone to being distracted? Check out the rest of the LinkedIn article and then tell us your thoughts.

Image credit: Ryan Hyde

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