Why Are BuzzFeed Quizzes So Fun to Take?

/// Why Are BuzzFeed Quizzes So Fun to Take?

March 5, 2014  |  Blog

It’s hard to resist taking those BuzzFeed quizzes that your friends share all over Facebook. If  you’re wondering why you’re suddenly so curious about which dog you would be or which state you should live in, let Fast Company explain it to you.

Apparently, the secret lies in how easy and fun the quizzes are for BuzzFeed’s editors to create. The quizzes on BuzzFeed in 2008 were much drier, with none of the entertaining pictures and boxes that are so fun to click now. So not only were they unpopular among users, but they were also kind of a chore for editors to make. Once that changed, the quizzes took off. According to what chief technology officer Mark Wilkie told Fast Company, “The mission of the company is to make content that people love enough to share, but that shareablity won’t have a chance to occur if the backend system isn’t easy for editors to use.”

Do you love taking BuzzFeed quizzes? Why? Check out more on this subject at Fast Company.

Image credit: Matt Haughey

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